Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 10 #2, 2015

Preface: Frances R. Spielhagen

Students’ Perceptions of Reading and Learning in Social Studies: A Multimethod Approach, Jori S. Beck, Michelle M. Buehl, and Ana Taboada Barber.

Exploring Teacher Effects for Mindset Intervention Outcomes in Seventh-Grade Science Classes, Jennifer A. Schmidt, Lee Shumow, and Hayal Kackar-Cam.

Benefits Beyond Achievement? A Comparison of Academic Attitudes and School Satisfaction for Adolescent Girls in Single-Gender and Coeducational Classrooms, Laura C. Hart.

Teachers’ Evaluations and Use of Web-Based Curriculum Resources to Support Their Teaching of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Corey Webel, Erin E. Krupa, and Jason McManus.

Effects of the Three-block Model of Universal Design for Learning on Early and Late Middle School Students’ Engagement, Laura Sokal and Jennifer Katz.