Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 11 #2, 2017

Corrigendum—Supporting English Language Learners’ Writing Abilities: Exploring Third Spaces, Lori Czop Assaf and Margarita Zisselsberger. The Impact of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) on the Achievement of Eighth Grade Students, Heather R. C. Wooldridge. A National Study of Common Planning Time Activities: Examination of Differences by State, David J. Lomascolo and Pamela S. Angelle. Personalized Learning in the Middle Grades: A Case Study of One Team’s Successes and Challenges, Steven Netcoh and Penny Bishop. Student Assets and Commitment to Learning in an Afterschool Leadership Development Program: Looking Beyond the Myths, Erin Kostina- Ritchey, Paulina Velez-Gomez, and Sara L. Dodd. A Case Study of Dilemmas Encountered When Connecting Middle School Mathematics Instruction to Relevant Real-World Examples, Amanda Sugimoto, Erin E. Turner, and Kathleen J. Stoehr. Perceptions of Teaching Practices, Teacher Support, and School Engagement Among Middle School Students: An Examination of the Developmental Designs Approach, Faheemah N. Mustafaa, Fantasy T. Lozada, Alexandra Skoog-Hoffman, Jozet Channey, and Robert J. Jagers. Classroom Debates in Middle School Social Studies: Moving From Personal Attacks to Evidence, Leslie Duhaylongsod. Language Arts Classroom Practices and Early Adolescents’ Needs: A Comparison of Student and Teacher Perceptions, Sarah Pennington.