Middle Grades Research Journal

Volume 12 #1, 2018

Meta-Analytic Evidence for Year-Round Education's Effect on Science and Social Studies Achievement, Dan Fitzpatrick. An Analysis of Discipline-Specific Academic Language Learning in Middle-School Students, Meghan A. Sweeney and Dianna Townsend. The Effects of School Grade Span Configuration on Student Achievement in Middle School-Aged Children, Stacy L. Starks, DeAnna Owens-Mosby, and Ernest A. Rakow. Using Cluster Analysis to Explore Differences in the Reader Self-Perceptions of Adolescent Struggling Readers, Lindsey A. Chapman, Mary Beth Calhoon, and Jennifer Krawec. Middle School Football, Sense of School Membership, and Student Delinquency, Stephen J. Caldas, Stephanie V. Caldas, and Kevin Kurrus. Picturing School: Exploring Middle School Students' Perceptions of What Supports and Hinders Academic Success, Kathleen M. Alley. Making Meaning With Graphic Novels, Amy A. Bender. The Hybrid Effect: Perceptions and Experiences of University Students Regarding Hybrid Coursework in a Middle Level Education Program, Ellis Hurd and Angela Bowden.