A How-To Guide for Business School Practitioners

Moira Tolan, Mount Saint Mary College
Tracey Niemotko, Marist College

In Press 2024

In recent years, the authors have watched as the struggles of independent colleges have multiplied. Faced with declining enrollments and numerous financial constraints, many schools struggle to stay solvent and relevant. Fiduciary concerns have been coupled with discussions surrounding whether business programs at these colleges are succeeding in preparing students for a modern workplace.

In this book, the authors highlight some of the factors that business school practitioners, including faculty members and administrators, must pay careful attention to at this volatile time. The book also serves as a guide for parents and guidance counselors as they decide among multiple alternatives for students seeking higher education. The authors propose specific actionoriented remedies to the concerns, identifying ways that colleges might play a more significant role in preparing business leaders. This book will enhance a reader's ability to discriminate among business programs and academic institutions.


CHAPTER 1: The Diminishing Value of a Business Degree. CHAPTER 2: Strategy Is Lacking. CHAPTER 3: Creating Value for Consumers by Respecting Business Principles. CHAPTER 4: The Schism Between the Scholarly and the Applied. CHAPTER 5: Bridging the Divide—“Real-World” Education Through Service-Learning and Experiential Education. CHAPTER 6: Elevating the Communication Skills of Business and Accounting Students. CHAPTER 7: The Need for Better Quantitative and Financial Literacy Skills. CHAPTER 8: Business Ethics and Why It Matters for Schools of Business. CHAPTER 9: Survival and Growth. About the Authors.