A Systems Approach to Public Administration and Social Equity

Todd Pooser

A volume in the series: Public Administration & Social Equity. Editor(s): Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco.

Published 2024

A Systems Approach to Public Administration uses General Systems Theory – a cross-disciplinary scientific philosophy first articulated by Ludwig von Bertalanffy then refined by Ervin Laszlo, and covering fields that include but are not limited to human psychology, cell biology, evolutionary biology, linguistics, the theory of consciousness and the human mind, and physics – to formulate “The Plan”: a series of social policies that if enacted, will enable all of humanity to live in the best possible world given the conditions of our existence.

The notion that human society faces a series of unprecedented threats is no longer the purview of those wearing tinfoil hats or walking down Broadway with a sandwich board declaring “The End Is Nigh.” We are at a crossroads after which is, in all likelihood, the point of no return. The Plan transcends common, high-level platitudes to advance series of Public Private Trusts – Energy, Resource, Agriculture, Transportation, Health and Technology – in which members invest and become equity partners to create a “Virtual Commonwealth.” In so doing, we leverage our significant population, tax revenue and disposable income majorities to directly and immediately steer the political economy towards a sustainable, equitable, healthy future for everyone.

"I have been a Professor of Public Administration and a Social Equity Scholar for the last twenty years. However, the treatment of social equity in Todd Pooser's book presents a unique approach to understanding the concept of social equity. This is a must read book for anyone wanting to analyze social equity from a scientific and /or philosophical perspective. — Richard Greggory Johnson III, University of San Francisco

Introduction: Why a Systems Approach to Public Administration and Social Equity? CHAPTER 1: An Introduction to General System Theory. CHAPTER 2: A Systems Based Ethics and Social Contract. CHAPTER 3: The Health Trust. CHAPTER 4: The Transportation Trust. CHAPTER 5: The Agriculture Trust. CHAPTER 6: The Energy Trust and The Resource Trust. CHAPTER 7: The Technology Trust. CHAPTER 8: Choosing Our Future Postface — The Virtual Commonwealth. Author Biography.