Across the Domains

Examining Best Practices in Mentoring Public School Educators throughout the Professional Journey

Edited by:
Andrea M. Kent, University of South Alabama
André M. Green, University of South Alabama

A volume in the series: Perspectives on Mentoring. Editor(s): Benjamin Kutsyuruba, Queen’s University.

Published 2018

Across the Domains presents research that points to what “really matters” in what is such a complex field of practice.

Across the Domains consists of twelve chapters. Both formal and informal mentoring programs are examined, from the perspective of both the mentor and mentee. There are traditional mentor-mentee relationships, e-mentoring, face-to-face mentoring, and blended mentoring studies. Included are mentors from higher education, school-based administrators, teacher leaders, and classroom teachers. Represented is both a national and international perspective. Questions for chapter reflection are included.

This book is written for university faculty teaching and interested in furthering the research, development, and dissemination of mentoring programs in Teacher Education, Educational Leadership and Higher Education Programs. In addition, this book would be beneficial for leaders of mentoring initiatives at a State Department of Education; P-12 Central Office Staff Program, Professional Developers, and School-based leaders; and researchers and practitioners who are members of organizations focused on mentoring.

Introduction. Faculty Mentoring Through the Preservice to In-Service Teacher Pipeline, Sarah K. McMahan, Rebecca R. Fredrickson, and Karen Dunlap. A Mentorship Model for STEM Teacher Ed, Susan Ferguson Martin and André M. Green. A Quality Teacher Induction Program to Improve Teaching and Learning, Patty J. Horn. Mentoring Across Cultures: Relationships That Inspire Professional Growth, Sara Efrat Efron, Jeffrey S. Winter, and Sherri Bressman. e-Mentoring: Guiding Across Barriers Through Technology, Benterah C. Morton and Krystie T. Nguyen. Informal Mentoring Within an Online Community: The MathTwitterBlogosphere, Christopher W. Parrish. Learning to Become a Mentor: A Study of Elementary School Teachers’ Professional Development, Aline Maria de Medeiros Rodrigues Reali, Maria da Graça Nicoletti Mizukami, and Regina Maria Simões Puccinelli Tancredi. It’s Just What We Do: A Teacher’s Story of Trust, Support, and Friendship, Elizabeth R. Allison and Lindsey Martin. The Mentoring Pyramid: A Case Study of Mentorship, Lauren R. Brannan and Andrea M. Kent. Mentoring Mathematics Teacher Leaders: Guiding the Transition from Classroom Teacher to Agent of Change, Courtney K. Baker, Pamela Bailey, Margret Hjalmarson, and Lesley King. Scaffolds for Change: The Gradual Increase of Responsibility Mentoring Model, Vicki Collet. Reigniting the Small Schools Movement in the Age of Charters, Stuart Rhoden. About the Editors. About the Contributors.


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