Advanced Leadership Insights

How to Lead People and Organizations to Ultimate Success

Edited by:
Wolfgang Amann, HEC Paris
Katja Kruckeberg, International Leadership Consultant

Published 2017

Great leaders know that prestigious appointments do not only entail advantages, but also major responsibilities. They are willing to set high standards: First and foremost for themselves and only thereafter expect others to follow them. They never rest on their laurels, but embrace life‐long learning. They are thus inspirational roles models for others. They walk the talk and earn loyalty — do not just demand it. They have prepared themselves well without risking complacency or overplaying their strengths. They ensure that more than mere luck will allow them to succeed in a world full of ambiguity, change, dilemmas, and even trilemmas. Most importantly, they orient themselves to follow their moral compass. They also know that it has never been so easy to find inspiration, a reality check, and advice on the development of their situational solutions.

This book aims at providing such easy access to crucial insights into sustaining success. International top management and leadership consultants, lifelong learning experts, experienced executive coaches, and leadership faculty from leading business schools share their insights to help leaders cope with today’s and tomorrow’s complexity.

Foreword and Acknowledgments, Wolfgang Amann and Katja Kruckeberg. Introduction, Wolfgang Amann and Katja Kruckeberg. PART I: LEADING YOURSELF TO ULTIMATE SUCCESS. A Quick Guide to Your Leadership Self‐Development, Konstantin Korotov. Leadership Presence: The Three Dimensions of a Sought‐After Leadership Quality, Katja Kruckeberg. Leadership and Neuroscience: An Inconvenient Truth, Jim Shipley. The Mindful Leader: Focusing Your Attention on What Matters, Jim Shipley. PART II: LEADING OTHERS TO ULTIMATE SUCCESS. The Five Success Factors of a Truly High‐Performing Team, Katja Kruckeberg. Negotiation Skills for Leaders: Transaction Utility in Negotiation, Matt Mulford. Reflective Leadership: Successfully Leading Your Team in a Complex World, Felix Müller and Ragna Kirberg. Blue Ocean Leadership and Why Psychometric Tools Are Still Useful, Wolfgang Amann. PART III: LEADING THE ORGANIZATION TO ULTIMATE SUCCESS. Navigating Complexity: Ten Golden Principles for CEOs Assuming Leadership, Katja Kruckeberg and Naysan Firoozmand. Stakeholder Management as a Leadership Challenge, Wolfgang Amann. Women in Leadership: Aspirations, Obstacles, Opportunities, Ruth Ann Lake and Christina Bombelli. Why Radical Innovation Needs Visionary Leadership, Tamara Carleton, William Cockayne, Andreas Larsson, and Bernhard Küppers. Leaders as Change Master, Marios L. Katsioloudes and Vicky Katsioloudes. How to Succeed in a Political Organization, Bertolt Stein and Tobias Mahr. Conclusions—Emerging Insights on Advanced Leadership, Wolfgang Amann and Katja Kruckeberg. About the Contributors.


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