Advanced Management for Deans

Edited by:
Terri Friel, Venture Connects

Published 2016

Deanships in the world are often OTJ (On the job training) positions. Prior to this series, there was very little about this specific position and how to be innovative and successful on the job. This book is the second in the series of Management for Deans and includes advanced techniques employed by deans around the world to manage their boards, planning, donors, and careers. If you’ve been a dean or are considering this position, the series Management for Deans and Advanced Management for Deans will introduce you to the position and offer you many ideas from experienced deans around the world that can accelerate your success and help you avoid the pitfalls of OTJ.

Perspectives on Deaning and Leading Change, Sherif H Kamel. Effective implementation of strategic plans, Stephan Bourcieu. Moving Beyond the Mission Statement to Action, O. Homer Erekson. Effective Academic Program Building: A Case Study from Utah Valley University, Norman S. Wright and Jacob Sybrowsky. Effectively Managing the Business School Advisory Board, Willie E. Hopkins. Financing Business Schools, Fernando A. D’Alessio and Beatrice E. Avolio. Effective Fundraising, Louis G. Pol. Financial Management in the University, Linda Salchenberger and Terri Friel. Deans as Entrepreneurs, R. Charles Moyer. Marketing and Recruiting, the Virtuous Circle, Sergey Myasoedov. Managing Your School Brand and Ranking Scores, Terri Friel. Accreditation and Building Excellence, Terri Friel. Negotiating Your Employment Contract, Terri Friel.

"The typical career path for most academic administrators begins as a faculty member, then as one assumes more responsibility, a department chair, and then, for some, to deanship. Few, if any, have formal training on leading a department or academic unit, and almost none have a background in higher education scholarship. As a result, learning how to be a dean in higher education typically involves on the job training. Advanced Management for Deans is a book that early career deans can consult to learn how others have dealt with issues ranging from strategic planning to administrative structure, fund raising, hiring, and leadership. Almost all of the chapters are authored by current or former deans, many of whom were involved in establishing or reestablishing their academic units." Linda Clark Central Connecticut State University in Teachers College Record