Algebra for the Middle Grades

Francis Gardella, Hunter College-CUNY
Maria DeLucia, Middlesex County College

Published 2020

Algebra in the Middle Grades addresses topics that are formalized in the first half of an Algebra 1 course, focusing on linear equations, their graphs and their applications to problem solving. The book is intended to be used by students in the middle school in preparation for the formal study of Algebra 1. In this, it is a truly Pre-Algebra program.

Algebra in the Middle Grades is an approach that brings Algebra to the students. It is written to have the essential elements of Algebra be understood on an inductive level so that when students later address the topic formally, there will be an informal background to create deep understanding.

The approach is extremely visual using both algebra tile-type diagrams along with graphs for equations and grids for ratio. In this way, the text gives students 3 aspects of a topic, the Numerical, the Geometric and the Algebraic. The text places the Numerical and Geometric first having understanding in these contexts leading to understanding in an Algebraic, symbolic context.

A Note to the Student. To the Teacher. CHAPTER ONE: Numbers, Graphing, and Algebra. CHAPTER TWO: Balances and Equations. CHAPTER THREE: Problem Solving. CHAPTER FOUR: Applying Algebra. CHAPTER FIVE: Integers in Algebra. CHAPTER SIX: Systems of Equations. CHAPTER SEVEN: Functions. CHAPTER EIGHT: Squares/Functions. CHAPTER NINE: Subtracting Integers. About the Authors.