American Educational History Journal

Volume 41 #1 & 2

Edited by:
Paul J. Ramsey, Eastern Michigan University

A volume in the series: American Educational History Journal. Editor(s): Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Published 2014

The American Educational History Journal is a peer‐reviewed, national research journal devoted to the examination of educational topics using perspectives from a variety of disciplines. The editors of AEHJ encourage communication between scholars from numerous disciplines, nationalities, institutions, and backgrounds. Authors come from a variety of disciplines including political science, curriculum, history, philosophy, teacher education, and educational leadership. Acceptance for publication in AEHJ requires that each author present a well‐articulated argument that deals substantively with questions of educational history.

VOLUME 41, NUMBER 1, 2014
Editor’s Introduction, Paul J. Ramsey. ARTICLES. How Educational Historians Establish Relevance: Rationales Given for Papers Published in the Journal of the MHES and AEHJ, 1972−2007, Kelly King. “Character of a University”: The Journey of a College President in the Early Republic, James P. Cousins. Teachers Walking and Talking with Students: The Lost Social Capital of the Nineteenth Century, Kipton D. Smilie and Ethan K. Smilie. Comparing Native Hawaiian Education with Native American and African American Education during the Nineteenth Century, Kalani Beyer. Literacy and the Meaning of Citizenship in American Education, Mark Groen. Civics Education Policy and Americanization in Puerto Rico, 1900–1904, J. A. Jernigan. Alice Moyer (1898–1980): A Woman Public School Teacher Views Progressive Education, Linda C. Morice and Alison Reeves. “On the Verge of a Renaissance”: Arkansas Schools, Curricula, and Teachers during the Great Depression, Sherry L. Field, Michelle Bauml, and M. Elizabeth Bellows. Red, White, and Black: The Meaning of Loyalty in Georgia Education, Rhonda K. Webb and Chara Haeussler Bohan. Against the “Primers of White Supremacy”: The Radical Black Press in the Cause of Multicultural History, Khuram Hussain. Landscapes of Learning, West Virginia’s Textbook Controversy, and the Culture Wars, Joseph Watras. An Unlikely Alliance: Re-examining the Architecture of Affirmative Action, Karen Graves. BOOK REVIEWS: Kett, Merit T. Gregory, Barrett Lauzon, Civic Learning through Agricultural Improvement, Abigail Gundlach-Graham and Sara Clark.

VOLUME 41, NUMBER 2, 2014
Editor’s Introduction, Paul J. Ramsey. ARTICLES. Jewell in China, 1910−1914: Education of a Missionary Woman for School Administration, T. Laine Scales and Agnes Tang. Envisioning Schoolhouse Nostalgia and the Pastoral Retreat: A Rural Landscape Approach to Educational History, Sara Clark. Homelessness in the U.S.: A Historical Analysis, Joseph Murphy and Kerri Tobin. Etiology Replaces Interminability: A Historiographical Analysis of the Mental Hygiene Movement, Benjamin Kelsey Kearl. The Historical Origins of Social Studies Teacher as Athletic Coach, Michelle Stacy. A Seat at the Table: Women Teachers and the Domestication of Politics in Chicago, Lyndsay Spear. The History That Is Inside of Us: L. Thomas Hopkins and the Transformation of American History at Brewster High, 1912−13, O. L. Davis, Jr. To Lift the Leaden-Eyed:The Historical Roots of Ernest L. Boyer’s Scholarship Reconsidered, Drew Moser. The Campus Sweetheart: An Idealized, Gendered Image on College Campuses in the Early to Mid-Twentieth Century, Jon Gorgosz. Diffusing the Social Studies Wars: The Harvard Social Studies Project, 1957−1972, Anthony Tuf Francis. “To Balance the Picture”: Peace Activists and the Struggle for Equal Access in Chicago Schools, 1980−1985, Seth Kershner. Is Rosa Still Tired?: Revisiting Kohl’s Myths in Contemporary Picture Books, Eric Groce, M. Elizabeth Bellows, Greg McClure, Elizabeth Daigle, Tina Heafner, and Brandon Fox. BOOK REVIEWS: Jewett, Science, Democracy, and the American University Caroline J. Conner. del Moral, Negotiating Empire Annmarie Valdes. Miner, Lessons from the Heartl and Linda Williams.