American Educational History Journal

Volume 42 # 1-2

Edited by:
Donna M. Davis, University of Missouri - Kansas City

A volume in the series: American Educational History Journal. Editor(s): Shirley Marie McCarther, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Published 2015

The American Educational History Journal is a peer‐reviewed, national research journal devoted to the examination of educational topics using perspectives from a variety of disciplines. The editors of AEHJ encourage communication between scholars from numerous disciplines, nationalities, institutions, and backgrounds. Authors come from a variety of disciplines including political science, curriculum, history, philosophy, teacher education, and educational leadership. Acceptance for publication in AEHJ requires that each author present a well‐articulated argument that deals substantively with questions of educational history.

Volume 42, Number 1, 2015

Editor’s Introduction, Donna M. Davis. Presidential Address. Hidden in Plain Sight: The Project Method’s Obscured Origins, Dr. Glenn P. Lauzon. Articles. Progressive Education, Developing Countries, and Cultural Deprivation, Joseph Watras. The Forgotten Slayings: Memory, History, and Institutional Response to the Jackson State University Shootings of 1970, Melandie McGee and R. Eric Platt. Newry Graded School: The History of a South Carolina Textile Mill School, Sheliah Durham and Mindy Spearman. A Not‐So‐Hidden Curriculum: Using Auto/Biographies to Teach Educational History, Lucy E. Bailey. Social Studies Goes to War: An Analysis of the Pre‐Induction Social Studies Curriculum of the Providence Public Schools, Whitney Blankenship. En Garde: Fencing at Kansas City’s Central Computers Unlimited/Classical Greek Magnet High School, 1991‐1995, Bradley W. Poos. A Review and Analysis of the History of Special Education and Disability Advocacy in the United States, Lucinda S. Spaulding and Sharon Pratt. Ford’s Fund for the Republic: A 1950s‐era Foundation as Educator, Andrea Walton. Reviews. Blanton, Carlos K., George I. Sanchez: The Long Fight for Mexican American Integration, Carlos Diaz‐Granados and Matthew D. Davis. Hagedorn, Thomas W., Founding Zealots: How Evangelicals Created America’s First Public Schools, 1783‐1865, Glenn P. Lauzon.

Volume 42, Number 2, 2015

Editor’s Introduction. Donna M. Davis. Articles. “A Fair Chance for the Girls”: Discourse over Women’s Health and Higher Education in Late Nineteenth Century America, Tiffany Lee Tsang. Civic Sport: Using High School Athletics to Teach Civic Values in the Progressive Era, Michelle Stacy. A Paradoxical Partnership in Higher Education: The Alliance between Alfred C. Kinsey and Herman B. Wells, John A. Beineke. She Was a Sweetheart: The Sweetheart Symbol and the Formation of Feminist Roots in Campus Culture from 1945 to 1970, Jon Gorgosz. The Relevancy of Service‐Learning in the United States, Thomas A. Kessinger. Howard University Students and Civil Rights Activism, 1934‐1944, Robert K. Poch. Utilizing Situational Analysis to Demonstrate that American Missionaries Developed an Education System in Hawai‛i during the Nineteenth Century that Served Western Interest, Carl Beyer. He “never loomed as a researcher”: a Historical Study of Armin K. Lobeck and the Value of Excellent Teaching, Matthew Mingus. Review. Geiger, Roger L., The History of American Higher Education: Learning and Culture from the Founding to World War II, T. Gregory Barrett