As He Saw It

Contributions, Memories and Reflections of John H. Lounsbury

Edited by:
Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State University
Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University

A volume in the series: The Handbook of Resources in Middle Level Education. Editor(s): Micki M. Caskey, Portland State University. Steven B. Mertens, Illinois State University.

Published 2021

In April 2020, middle level education lost one of its most ardent and influential advocates with the passing of Dr. John H. Lounsbury. His career of more than 70 years focused on providing young adolescents with a developmentally appropriate educational program. He is recognized as one of the founders of the modern middle school movement and a founding member of the National Middle School Association, now the Association for Middle Level Education. Through his efforts as an educator, writer, editor, and researcher, John served as a mentor and inspiration to many. John’s writings and mentorship continue to influence generations of middle level teachers, colleagues, researchers, and advocates. His legend lives on as we continue his work to improve the lives and educational experiences of young adolescents. This tribute volume is a collection of stories, anecdotes, vignettes, and defining moments that the contributors want to share about Dr. John Lounsbury.

Memories and Reflections in Honor of John. H. Lounsbury, Steven B. Mertens and Micki M. Caskey. John H. Lounsbury: Conscience of the Middle School Movement, J. Howard Johnston. John Lounsbury: Your Influence Is Alive and Evident in My Hometown, Sherrel Bergmann. Working With John, Edward N. Brazee. Lounsbury’s Light, Judith Allen Brough. John Lounsbury: Using Shadow Studies to Assess Developmental Responsiveness in Middle Level Schools, Sally N. Clark and Donald C. Clark. John H. Lounsbury: The Man With a Magnificent Obsession, Nancy M. Doda. Recognition for a Great Educational Leader and Personal Friend, Tom Gatewood. A Long Highway, Paul S. George. Three Life Lessons Learned From Someone Who Did Not Know He Was Teaching Me Anything, J. Howard Johnston. Memories of John, Sue Swaim and John Swaim. Minutes and Moments, Jack Berckemeyer. Dr. John Lounsbury: My Mentor, My Hero, My FRIEND, Neila A. Connors. John Lounsbury, A Beacon of Inspiration, Linda Hopping. A Man for All Seasons, David L. Hough. A Tribute to Our Mentor, John Lounsbury, Barbara A. Kalina and Elliot Y. Merenbloom. Thoughts About John Lounsbury, Pam Millikan. Reflections on an Icon, Mary Mitchell. Being John’s Colleague and Friend, Fran Salyers. My Time With John, April Tibbles. Dr. John Lounsbury: The Most Important Lesson, P. Gayle Andrews. John H. Lounsbury: My Champion, My Ally, My Friend, Micki M. Caskey. John Lounsbury—Friend of All, Mentor to Me, Douglas D. Hatch. John Lounsbury: Wise Educator or Wizard of the Organization? Daniel L. Kain and Karen Weller Swanson. Support From a Giant: My Friendship With John Lounsbury, Steven B. Mertens. My Tribute to Dr. John H. Lounsbury, Sara Davis Powell. As We See Him: 51+ Collective Years of Tribute to and Work With John H. Lounsbury, Joanne L. Previts, Karynne L. M. Kleine, Nancy B. Mizelle, and Dan Bauer. John Lounsbury: The Heart and Soul of Middle Level Education, Nancy Ruppert. John H. Lounsbury: A Mentor to Mentors, Tracy W. Smith. John Helped Me Find My Way as a Middle Level Educator, Holly Thornton. A Curator and a Catalyst: Reflections on the Editorial Work of John Lounsbury, David C. Virtue. How Do We Thank Oxygen? Reflecting on John Lounsbury, Rick Wormeli. Quotes of Note, Kristina N. Falbe. A Legacy of Leadership and Mentorship, Stacie K. Pettit. Putting It in Writing, Amanda Wall. Capturing John’s Voice in Selected Publications, Micki M. Caskey and Steven B. Mertens. About the Editors.