Asian American Education

Acculturation, Literacy Development, and Learning

Edited by:
Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge
Russell Endo, University of Colorado
Stacey J. Lee, City University of New York
Xue Lan Rong, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

A volume in the series: Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans. Editor(s): Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge. A. Lin Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University. Stacey J. Lee, City University of New York.

Published 2007

This research anthology is the fourth volume in a series sponsored by the Special Interest Group Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans (SIG-REAPA) of the American Educational Research Association and National Association for Asian and Pacific American Education. This series explores and explains the lived experiences of Asian and Americans as they acculturate to American schools, develop literacy, and claim their place in U.S. society, and blends the work of well established Asian American scholars with the voices of emerging researchers and examines in close detail important issues in Asian American education and socialization. Scholars and educational practitioners will find this book to be an invaluable and enlightening resource.

Americanization against Academics: Racial Contexts and Lao American Youths in a New Hampshire High School, Monica Chiu. Burmese Refugees’ Narratives of Cultural Change, M. Gail Hickey. Journey of Language: Korean Youths’ Life Histories and Language Experiences, Ji -Yeon O. Jo. Hmong Home-School Relations: Hmong Parents and Professionals Speak Out, Susan Matoba Adler. Home Environment and Literacy Engagement: A Case Study of a Vietnamese Family in America, Guofang Li. Breadth versus Depth: The Treatment of Asian Americans in U. S. History Textbooks, Connie Chan. Academically at-Risk English Learners of Chinese Background: A Pilot Study, Grace Fung-Arto. Dialoging Internally: Participatory Learning in a Graduate Seminar, Wen Ma. Factors Affecting Asian American College Students Choosing a Major, Tae Chang.

"Asian American Education: Acculturation, Literacy Development, and Learning is a collection of papers nominally about the literacy learning experience of Asian American students and how this experience facilitates their entry into American mainstream culture. Each of the nine papers in this book relates to acculturation, literacy development, or learning." Ya Mo Michigan State University in Education