Authentic Customer Centricity

Alkhatani Saad Zafer

Published 2015

This book offers a breakthrough formula for creating a sustainable customer centric organization, which forms the key to enduring business success. This new blueprint entails a systematic and integrated journey towards customer centricity.

In this book, Dr. Zafer has provided a sorely needed guidebook for executives to become a successful customer centric company. He shows us how companies can deliver a superior customer experience that result in trusted customer relations that can boost profitability. This is the book you should read if you want to deliver a superior customer experience in a sustainable way.

Foreword, Hubert Rampersad. Foreword, Ramazan Demir. Preface. 1 Introduction. 2 Authentic Customer Centricity Model. 3 Personal Centricity. 4 Corporate Centricity. 5 Strategic Alignment. 6 Cultivation. 7 Business Case. References and Recommended Reading. About the Author.