Basic Elements of Survey Research in Education

Addressing the Problems Your Advisor Never Told You About

Edited by:
Ulemu Luhanga PhD, Emory University
Allen Gregg Harbaugh PhD, Boston University

A volume in the series: Survey Methods in Educational Research. Editor(s): Richard Lambert, University of North Carolina at Charlotte.


The intended audience of the volume will be practitioners, administrators, teachers as researchers, graduate students, social science and education researchers not experienced in survey research, and students learning program evaluation.

This volume will serve as a complementary reference guide and textbook for use in survey, sampling, or introduction to educational research/program evaluation courses.

Topics of interest include:>

Introduction to Survey Research
The Process of Survey Research
Survey and Question Construction
Aligning your Survey, Questions/Content to your Purpose
Cognitive Interviewing and Pilot Studies
Focus Group Methods
Measurement Issues in Survey Research
Using a Measurement Framework to Examine Survey Length
Using a Measurement Framework to Examine Item Quality/Functioning
Introduction to Sampling Strategies
Advanced Sampling Strategies [Topics can include Cohort, Nested, or Longitudinal)
Implementing your Sampling Strategy in an Educational Setting
Surveys as a Part of Mixed Methods Research
Social Desirability and Other Response Process Concerns
Validating the Findings of a Survey Research Study
Course Evaluation Surveys
Educational Applications using Large-scale Survey Data Sets
Presenting the Results from Survey Research Projects
Translation of Surveys for International Research

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