Becoming a Values-Based Leader

Homer H. Johnson, Loyola University Chicago

Published 2012

What is Values-Based Leadership? How does one become a Values-Based Leader? Why Value-Based Leadership? Certainly these are critical questions. It is now widely recognized that effective leaders, from Martin Luther King through political leaders and corporate executives, have a foundation of values that guide their decision-making, and indeed, their life.

However, up to this point there has not been a clear definition of Values-Based Leadership, nor has there been a method for developing Values-Based Leaders. This book addresses these issues by defining Values-Based Leadership; by explaining why this form of leadership leads to effective groups, families and organizations; and by providing a process for helping one discover both their life values and their leadership values.

Presented in an interesting, and easy-to-read “story format,” the book traces the life of the CEO of a major medical supply company who has “burned out” as a leader, and who blames others for his problems. After being told very bluntly by a former mentor that he is the problem, not others, the CEO seeks out the help of an executive coach. Working with the coach he goes through a process by which he rediscovers his purpose in life, as well as his life and leadership values. And through the process he renews his enthusiasm and effectiveness as a leader. The format of the book allows the reader to go through the same step-by-step discovery process as does the central figure in the book, and to move toward becoming an effective and successful Values-Based Leader.

Leaders and executives will find the information and discovery process outlined in the book very helpful in clarifying one’s purpose and values, and in giving them a foundation on which to lead. The book also may be used as a supplemental text in courses on leadership.

Preface. Foreword. About the Author. Chapter 1: Denver Airport. Chapter 2: Memorial Day at Charlie Schaefer’s Farm. Chapter 3: First Meeting with Rena. What is this Values Thing All About? Chapter 4: Who were the Important People in your Life? Chapter 5: What are your Life Values? Chapter 6: Now what are your Leadership Values? Chapter 7: Monday Morning with the “Veep Squad.” Chapter 8: Another One of Charlie Schaefer’s Barbeques. Appendix: Steps and Exercises for Becoming a Values-Based Leader.

"Becoming a Values-Based Leader will assist those who want a deeper understanding of their personal values to attain higher performance and greater satisfaction in life and work." Jeff SMith Balsz Elementary School District - Phoenix, AZ in School Administrator