Big Theories Revisited

Edited by:
Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong
Shawn Van Etten, SUNY Cortland

A volume in the series: Research on Sociocultural Influences on Motivation and Learning. Editor(s): Gregory Arief D. Liem, The Education University of Hong Kong.

Published 2004

Big Theories Revisited: The Challenge, Dennis M. McInerney and Shawn Van Etten. Attribution Theory Revisited: Transforming Cultural Plurality into Theoretical Unity, Bernard Weiner. Self-Determination Theory: A Dialectical Framework for Understanding Sociocultural Influences on Student Motivation, Johnmarshall Reeve, Edward L. Deci, and Richard M. Ryan. Motivation as Personal Investment, Martin L. Maehr and Dennis M. McInerney. Self-Worth Theory Goes to College: Or Do Our Motivation Theories Motivate?, Martin V. Covington. Self-Efficacy in Education Revisited: Empirical and Applied Evidence, Dale H. Schunk and Frank Pajares. Sociocultural Influence and Students Development of Academic Self-Regulation: A Social-Cognitive Perspective, Barry J. Zimmerman. Expectancy Value Theory in Cross-Cultural Perspective, Allan Wigfield, Stephen Tonks, and Jacquelynne S. Eccles. Motivational Messages from Home and School: How Do They Influence Young Children’s Engagement in Learning?, Nancy E. Perry and Philip H. Winne. The Influence of Sociocultural Theory on Our Theories of Engagement and Motivation, Daniel T. Hickey and Jeremy B. Granade. Coregulation of Opportunity, Activity, and Identity in Student Motivation: Elaborations on Vygotskian Themes, Mary McCaslin. Metacognitive Theory: Considering the Social-Cognitive Influences, Douglas J. Hacker and Linda Bol. What We Have Learned About Student Engagement in the Past Twenty Years, Lyn Corno and Ellen B. Mandinach. How Schools Shape Teacher Motivations: Another Piece in the Achievement Puzzle, Helenrose Fives and Patricia A. Alexander. Index.

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