Bloody Mary for the AERA Attendee’s Soul

Daniel H. Robinson, University of Texas at Arlington

Published 2022

This book is intended to be sort of a Chicken Soup for the educational academic’s soul. But, in the spirit of the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), this book is more of a Bloody Mary for the AERA attendee’s soul. As you likely know, one of the many suggested cures for a hangover is a Bloody Mary (it may not cure the hangover and could make it worse – but it seems like a good idea). The AERA conference experience for the uninformed amateur is similar to a hangover – symptoms may include confusion, nausea, headache, fatigue, etc., but without the alcohol. This book has two goals. One is to help you to get more out of the annual experience most of us refer to simply as “AERA,” and less of the negative experiences. The second is to help the beginning academic to avoid the pitfalls the author has experienced and hopefully be more successful. To do this, chapters go back and forth between telling an academic story and providing academic advice.

CHAPTER 1: How to Save Money on Food. CHAPTER 2: My Path to Grad School. CHAPTER 3: What Is AERA Anyway? CHAPTER 4: From Kiewra to Kulhavy. CHAPTER 5: How to Save Money on Beverages. CHAPTER 6: The Awakening. CHAPTER 7: How to Save Money on Lodging. CHAPTER 8: My First AERA—Boston, 1990. CHAPTER 9: How to Save Money on Travel. CHAPTER 10: Nebraska Act II. CHAPTER 11: How to Save Money at the Exhibits. CHAPTER 12: Mississippi State. CHAPTER 13: Working With Grad Students. CHAPTER 14: South Dakota. CHAPTER 15: Where to Publish. CHAPTER 16: Louisville and Texas. CHAPTER 17: Recruiting Grad Students. CHAPTER 18: The Five-Tool Faculty Member. CHAPTER 19: Ranting About the Field of Education. CHAPTER 20: Reviewing and Editing. References. Figures. About the Authors.