Budgeting and Financial Management in the Federal Government

Jerry L. McCaffery, Naval Postgraduate School
Lawrence R. Jones, Naval Postgraduate School

A volume in the series: Research in Public Management. Editor(s): Lawrence R. Jones, Naval Postgraduate School.

Published 2002

List of Tables, Figures, Exhibits, Graphs. Introduction. Chapter I: An Introduction to Public Budgeting and Financial Management. Chapter II: The History of Budgetary Power in the United States. Chapter III: The Structure and Process of Budgeting. Chapter IV: Budget Execution. Chapter V: Entitlements and Direct Spending Control. Chapter VI: Budget Analysis and Budget Analysts. Chapter VII: Budget Strategy. Chapter VIII: Budgeting and Restructuring under Fiscal Stress. Chapter IX: Budget and Financial Management Reform. Chapter X: Budgeting for Results. Chapter XI: Budgeting for Performance. Chapter XII: Budgeting, Contracting and Management Control. Chapter XIII: A Review of Recent Financial Management Initiatives. Chapter XIV: Contemporary Financial Management Challenges. Appendix A: A Management Control Approach to Budgeting and Financial Management Curriculum and Course Design. Appendix B: Case Study of Navy Flying Hour Program Cash Management at Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific. Appendix C: Case Study of CFO Act Implementation in the Special Warfare Command. Bibliography.