Change (Transformation) in Government Organizations

Edited by:
Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary

Published 2010

“Change (Transformation) in Government Organizations” discusses recent efforts to bring about change in government organizations. The book brings together contributions by a number of managers, practitioners, academics and consultants in the study of international, federal, state, and local government efforts to respond to increased calls for change (transformation) in public sector organizations. Each contributor describes their work in this area using as a backdrop the fact that public sector organizations continue to be under new and substantial pressures to change and transform themselves. Hence a collection of current contributions such as those in this book are intended to add to the ongoing debates and rewriting of the success and failures of change in public sector organizations.

The ultimate purpose of this book is to further our knowledge about the related issues and current efforts to bring about change or transformation in public sector organizations. The contributors, all experts with extensive experience as change agents in both public and private sector organizations not only support their analyses and discussions of specific cases and change (transformation) management issues but also provide practical tools, ideas and lessons learned, intended to be generalizable to other public sector agencies and helpful to those responsible for developing, implementing and evaluating similar efforts in the years to come. The audience for the book will be government managers, scholars and others interested in undertaking or learning about such efforts.

Preface. Acknowledgments. Changing or Transforming Today’s and Tomorrow’s Public Sector Organizations, Ronald R. Sims. Partnerships in Public Service Provision: The Case of Georgia Department of Transportation, Nevbahar Ertas, John C. Thomas, and Theodore Poister. Creating an Ethical Culture in Local Government, William I. Sauser, Jr. Toward an Understanding of Civil Service Reform and Change in Public Human Resource Management, Ronald R. Sims. Change in Government Organizations: Assessing the Impact of Public Service Reform on the Employment Relationship, R. Paul Battaglio, Jr. Managing Change in a Job Classification System, Jeffrey Crenshaw and Roger McCullough. Making the Switch: Implementing the 4-Day Work Week in America’s Largest Cities, Stephen E. Condrey, Jonathan P. West, and Christine B. Ledvinka. Reducing Legal Exposure During Layoffs, Suzette M. Jelinek and James Buford. Transforming the Ivory Tower to Community Center: Civic Engagement in Public Universities, Ralph S. Foster, Jr. Developing a Doctoral Program in the Emerging Field of Home Land Security: An OD Approach to Curriculum Development, Joanne C. Preston, Terry R. Armstrong, and J. Michael McCoy. Public School System Reform or Change, Ronald R. Sims. International Relations, Technology, Conflict, and a Changing World, Can Create Unseen Opportunities for Service, Harvey J. Langholtz. The Multiple Dimensions of Transparency in Government, Don-Terry Veal, William I. Sauser, Jr., and Maria T. Folmar. Trust in Governance? Panagiotis Karkatsoulis. Government Reform Through Governance and Risk Management, Arie Halachmi. About the Authors.