Charter School Funding Considerations

Edited by:
Christine Rienstra Kiracofe, Purdue University
Marilyn A. Hirth, Purdue University
Tom Hutton, Education Law Association

A volume in the series: Conducting Research in Education Finance: Methods, Measurement, and Policy Perspectives. Editor(s): David C. Thompson, Kansas State University. R. Craig Wood, University of Florida.

Published 2022

Much has been written about how public schools in the United States are funded. However, missing in the current literature landscape is a nuanced discussion of funding as it relates to public charter schools. This text, authored by researchers and professionals working in the charter school world, provides readers with a comprehensive overview of issues related to the funding and operation of charter schools.

The book opens with an introduction to charter schools and how they are funded. The financial management and oversight of charter schools and issues related to funding equity, including how charter schools impact district school finances, are addressed. Special considerations for charter schools related to serving special education students and transportation issues are also addressed. After reading this book, readers will have a thorough understanding of how charter schools are funded and managed financially.

Foreword, Christine Rienstra Kiracofe, Marilyn A. Hirth, and Tom Hutton. Understanding Charter Schools, Paul O’Neill. Overview of Charter School Finance, R. Craig Wood. Charter School Financial Management and Oversight, Charisse Gulosino and Elif Şişli-Ciamarra. Charter School Funding Equity: An Examination of Policy and Litigation, Rob Reed and Renita Thukral. What We Know About the Impacts of Charter Schools on District School Finances, Paul Bruno. Charter School Funding and Student Achievement: Does Money Matter? Marilyn A. Hirth. Funding Special Education in Charter Schools, Lauren Morando Rhim, Stephanie Lancet, and Paul O’Neill. Charter Schools and Transportation Services, Spencer C. Weiler, Luke M. Cornelius, and Terence W. Cavanaugh.