Charting a New Course

Reinventing High School Classes for the New Millennium

Edited by:
Eric E. Castro, St Ignatius College Preparatory
Paul Totah, St Ignatius College Preparatory

Published 2017

The purpose of this book is to encourage teachers and administrators to move beyond traditional course structures and to ask them to consider designing experiential curriculum that is interdisciplinary and focused on solving real world problems. Why do this? Both authors believe that the current model of education falls short in preparing students to think creatively, to work collaboratively and to engage actively as problem solvers. An educational sea‚Äźchange is needed more than ever given the problems that face our world now and that threaten to worsen in the next few decades.

This book is divided into sections devoted to courses that, despite their interdisciplinary nature, we categorized into the following fields: Social Science, Literature and Composition, Computer Science, Mathematics, Art, Environment and Ecology, Engineering, Public Health, and Administration.

Preface. Introduction, Eric E. Castro and Paul Totah. PART I: SOCIAL SCIENCE, Abi Basch, Kali Kurdy, Justin Wells, Greg Monfils, Paul Kim, Tom Thorpe and Tim Kubik. PART II: ENGLISH, Adam Dawkins, Stephen Lazar, Chad Evans, Kristen Moraine, and Paul Totah. PART III: COMPUTER SCIENCE, Justin Curtis, and Paul-Michael Huseman. PART IV: MATH, Kevin Gant. PART V: ART, Jane Uyeda, Ascha Drake, Katie Wolf, and Kevin McMahon. PART VI: ENVIRONMENT AND ECOLOGY, Joanna Smyth, Robin Workman, Hovey Clark, and Leah Penniman. PART VII: ENGINEERING, Angi Chau, and James Dann. PART VIII: PUBLIC HEALTH, Mary Murphy, Jennifer Montgomery, Sherry Curtsinger, Shannon Treece, and Bob Kane. PART IX: ADMINISTRATORS. Ben Daley, Alan Cheng, Christa Flores, Stephen Zipkes, and Andy Shaw. About the Authors.


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