Classroom Robotics

Case Stories of 21st Century Instruction for Millennial Students

Edited by:
Kathleen P. King, University of Central Florida
Mark Gura, Fordham University

A volume in the series: Instructional Innovations in Teaching and Learning. Editor(s): Kathleen P. King, University of Central Florida.

Published 2007

The purpose of this book is to reach out to teachers, parents, coaches, and students who may be hoping to, or just investigating the possibility of, how to get started with robotics. At the same time, we hope to leverage the efforts of those who have been hard at work and "play" in this massive movement for many years, applaud their efforts, and provide them with documentation, support, and additional resources to reach further into the possibilities they can help create for all of us in bringing the power and potential of learning through robotics to more students, to the classroom and beyond. Not only does this book provide resources and firsthand insight into this exciting field, but it also provides one-of-a-kind perspectives of curricular applications of robotics for student learning.

Dedication. Preface, Kathleen P. King. PART I: CLASSROOM ROBOTICS BASICS. What is Student Robotics? Mark Gura. Student Robotics: A Model for 21st Century Learning, Mark Gura. PART II: CASE STORIES. Not Your Average "Soccer Mom." Carol Franken. Changing the Inner City, One Robot at a Time, Evan Weinberg. PB&J, Robotics, and Programming, Agata Dean. Teaching, Coaching, and Parenting RoboCup Jr., Laura Allen. From LOGO to LEGO Robotics? A Journey, Phil Firsenbaum. The Morris High School Robotics Team: An Interview: Winners at a High-Intensity Sport for the Mind, Mark Gura. Power of Robotics in the Lives and Learning of Alternative High School Students, Albert Robinson, Kathleen P. King, and Ryan Thompson. Bringing Robotics to Life: Students Experience Life Sciences with Real World Medical Applications, Joselyn J. Todd and Eric Himburg. PART III: PERSPECTIVES ON ROBOTICS AND LEARNING. Robotics-Prime Opportunities for Careers and Student Learning, Kathleen P. King. Learning and Literacy in Robots-Making Connection for the Classroom, Steven D'Agustino. Catching the Vision, Teachers as Learners: Robotics Professional Development, Steven D'Agustino and Kathleen P. King. PART IV: RESOURCES AND CONCLUSION. Student and Classroom Robotics Equipment: Robotics Kits, Components and Material, Mark Gura. Information Resources for Student and Classroom Robotics: Web Sites, Magazines and Resources, Mark Gura. Program and Curriculum Resources for Student and Classroom Robotics: Organizations, Software and Curriculum, Mark Gura. Conclusion and Beginnings, Kathleen P. King. About the Authors. Index.