Colluding, Colliding, and Contending with Norms of Whiteness

Jennifer L. S. Chandler, Arizona State University

A volume in the series: Urban Education Studies Series. Editor(s): Nicholas Daniel Hartlep, Metropolitan State University. Thandeka K. Chapman, University of California, San Diego. Kenny Varner, Louisiana State University.

Published 2016

Analyzing experiences of White mothers of daughters and sons of color across the U. S., Chandler provides an insider’s view of the complex ways in which Whiteness norms appear and operate. Through uncovering and analyzing Whiteness norms occurring across motherhood stages, Chandler has developed a model of three common ways of interacting with the norms of Whiteness: colluding, colliding, and contending. Chandler’s results suggest that collisions with Whiteness norms are a necessary step to increasing one’s racial literacy which is essential for effective contentions with norms of Whiteness. She proposes steps for applying her model in education settings, which can also be applied in other organizational contexts.

Introduction. CHAPTER I: Model and Supporting Theories. CHAPTER II: Becoming a Mother. CHAPTER III: Mothers and Schools. CHAPTER IV: As Sons and Daughters Mature. CHAPTER V: Conclusions. CHAPTER VI: Recommendations. Appendix A – The Study. Appendix B – Virginia 1691, ACT XVI. Appendix C – Notes Regarding Trans racial Adoption. References.