Community Development Practice in Africa

Putting Theory Into Practice

Edited by:
Charles Gyan, McGill University
Linda Kreitzer, University of Calgary
Somnoma Valerie Ouedraogo, MacEwan University

In Press 2024

This project seeks to enhance both the theoretical and practical understanding of community development by adopting an African perspective. Recognizing that the majority of community development literature utilized in African academic settings predominantly focuses on practices from the Global North, this edited volume addresses a critical gap. It develops, compiles, and promotes scholarship that is transnational yet reflective of the unique realities present within the African context. This edited volume expands the global discourse on community development by delving into the particular forms it takes within African settings. It will explore how local practices influence existing theories and models of community development and examine the integration of these theories into practical applications within African communities.

The motivating goal of this edited book is to provide a space to examine the specific contextual factors that impact the history, theory and practice of community development in Africa. Community development should reflect the local context in which it is practiced. The contributions included in this edited book will provide a valuable resource for professors, researchers, and practitioners, presenting a range of historically, culturally, and socially situated critical perspectives. In summary, this collection seeks to highlight African context specific literature in the field of community development.

Editors’ Introduction. SECTION I: HISTORICAL AND THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA. Unveiling Ghana’s Community Development Tapestry: An Exploration through Time, Charles Gyan and Linda Kreitzer. Contribution of African Traditional Knowledge to Community Development Theory and Practice in Africa, William Abur. Community Development in Uganda: A Historical Inquiry in the Practice of Meeting Community Needs, Venesio Bwambale Bhangyi and Senkosi Moses Balyejjusa. Analysis of Villagization Model of Rural Community Development in Tanzania Mainland Through Ubuntu Lens, Meinrad Haule Lembuka. SECTION II: MODELS AND APPROACHES TO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA. Asset-Based Community-Driven Development (ABCD) as an Approach and Model to Address the Challenges of Africa, Hanna Nel. Self-Help Group as a Community Development Platform for Rural Households in Kenya, Atieno, Paul Okello, Peter Gutwa Oino, and Rebeccah A Obara Chawiyah. African Centered Community Development in Social Work: Exploring Imbewu Youth Empowerment Centre as an Asset-Based Community Informed Project, Thembelihle Brenda Makhanya. SECTION III: COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN AFRICA. Community Development Practice in Africa: An Autoethnographic Reflection of Development Through the Bikpakpaam (Konkomba) Example in Ghana, Matthew Gmalifo Mabefam. Community Engagement in Improving Agricultural Production: Lessons for Community Development Practice, Shamiso Mandioma and Abdulrazak Karriem. Engaging Traditional Leadership as a Key and Practical Approach to Community Development: The Jatropha Project in Puriya Community as a Case Study, Eunice Abbey and Vyda Mamley Hervie. Community Development Associations and Fundraising for Self-Help Projects in African Suburbia for Rural Development, Babatunde Ayoola Fajimi. SECTION IV: SUSTAINABLE AND ETHICAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT IN AFRICA. Exploring the Problem of “Justice” in a Context of Community Development in Africa: A Dialogue Between Philosophy and Politics, Irene Ayallo. Interactions of Community Development and Legal Reforms in Rehabilitating Juvenile Offenders in Zambia, Chilala K. Sheilas, Chikampa Victor, Moonga Fred, and Hamauswa Shakespeare. The Collective Path to Sustainability: Leveraging Community Systems for Positive Change, Rosemary Anderson Akolaa. Sustainable Community Development Practice in Africa: Cultural Competemility and Professionalism Informed Approach, Paula Ugochukwu Ude. Conclusion, Somnoma Valerie Ouedraogo. Contributors. Index.