Contemporary Perspectives in Data Mining, Volume 2

Edited by:
Kenneth D. Lawrence, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Ronald Klimberg, Saint Joseph’s University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Perspectives in Data Mining. Editor(s): Kenneth D. Lawrence, New Jersey Institute of Technology. Ronald Klimberg, Saint Joseph’s University.

Published 2015

The series, Contemporary Perspectives on Data Mining, is composed of blind refereed scholarly research methods and applications of data mining. This series will be targeted both at the academic community, as well as the business practitioner.

Data mining seeks to discover knowledge from vast amounts of data with the use of statistical and mathematical techniques. The knowledge is extracted from this data by examining the patterns of the data, whether they be associations of groups or things, predictions, sequential relationships between time order events or natural groups.

Data mining applications are in marketing (customer loyalty, identifying profitable customers, instore promotions, e-commerce populations); in business (teaching data mining, efficiency of the Chinese automobile industry, moderate asset allocation funds); and techniques (veterinary predictive models, data integrity in the cloud, irregular pattern detection in a mobility network and road safety modeling.)

SECTION I: MARKETING APPLICATIONS. Data Privacy in Loyalty Programs: An Exploratory Investigation, David Burns and Gregory Smith. Identifying Profitable Customers Using a Two-Stage Logistic Model: An Application from B2B Credit Card Marketing, Vernon Gerety and Stephan Kudyba. A Fractional Factorial Analysis for In-Store Promotions, Peter Charette, John Stanton, and Neal Hooker. Methods for Customer Analytics of Hetergeneous E-Commerce Populations, Ruben Mancha and Mark T. Leung. SECTION II: BUSINESS APPLICATIONS. Teaching a Data Mining Course in a Business School, Ronald K. Klimberg. Measuring the Market Efficiency of Chinese Automobile Industry by Using a Max–Min DEA Model, Feng Yang, Hangting Hu, Chenchen Yang, and Zhimin Huang. A Clustering Analysis of Five-Star Morning Star Ruled Moderate Asset Allocation Funds, Kenneth D. Lawrence, Gary Kleinman, and Sheila M. Lawrence. SECTION III: TECHNIQUES. Data Mining Techniques Applied to the Study of Canines with Osteoarthritis: Developing a Predictive Model, Virginia M. Miori. Data Mining Techniques for Information Assurance and Data Integrity on the Cloud, Alla Kammerdiner. Multivariate Copulas Model in Spatiotemporal Irregular Pattern Detection in Mobility Network, Rong Duan and Guang-Qin Ma. Road Safety Detection Modeling Based on Vehicle Monitoring Data in China, Xing Wang, Wei Yuan, Susan X. Li, and Zhimin Huang. About the Editors.