Contemporary Perspectives on Research in Educational Assessment

Edited by:
Dr. Myint Swe Khine, Emirates College for Advanced Education, United Arab Emirates

Published 2020

Assessment and evaluation have always been an integral part of educational process. Quality and purposeful assessment can assist in students’ learning and their achievement. While there has been a rapid growth in international, standardized student assessments in the past few decades, a large number of education systems participating in these assessments are now focusing their attention on developing new national, within-country assessments to evaluate educational standards and to modify the curriculum to better suit to the demands of the 21st century. Education systems that are successful in linking the national curriculum and assessments directly to international standards are performing better on international standardized assessments of reading, mathematics, and science. This book covers studies related to educational assessment in addressing quality of education and performance improvement. The book presents the distinguished and exemplary works by educators and researchers in the field highlighting the contemporary trends and issues, creative and unique approaches, innovative methods, frameworks, pedagogies and theoretical and practical aspects in assessment processes in various educational settings.

Treasures in Trends: Analyses of TIMSS and PIRLS Trends Using Contextual Data, Martin Hooper, Yifan Bai, and Markus Broer. Program for International Student Assessment: Constancy, Evolution, and Innovation, Miyako Ikeda. Development of a Measurement Approach to Assess 21st Century Skills, Claire Scoular and Michael Timms. Advances in Measuring “Hard-to-Measure” Skills, Patrick C. Kyllonen. The Future of Assessment: How Will AI, Automation, and Machine Learning Change How We Develop and Deliver Assessments? Nathan Thompson. The Effects of Peer Assessment vs. Teacher Assessment on the Writing Apprehension of English Learners, Işıl İpek Kanat Küçüktezcan, Şölen Altay, and Enisa Mede. Conceptions of Assessment Among Teachers: A Validation Study, Farouq Almeqdadi, Myint Swe Khine, and Ernest Afari. Understanding Assessment Experiences and Perceptions of International Students in Higher Education, Mürüvvet Çolakoğlu and Derin Atay. About the Editor.