Creating Visions for University- School Partnerships

Edited by:
JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College
Janice L. Nath, University of Houston
Irma N. Guadarrama, University of Texas - Pan Am

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte. Jennifer K. McCorvey, University of South Florida.

Published 2014

In keeping with the tradition set forth in volumes 1-4, this fifth volume, Creating Visions for University- School Partnerships: A Volume in Professional Development School Research, continues to exemplify current thinking of practitioners and researchers in the field. The range of authors from the Prek-16 arena illustrates the ways in which professional development schools generate possible solutions to the complex problems facing educators. The diversity of their work represents perspectives of classroom teachers, preservice teachers, school leaders, and university faculty who grapple with identifying “ways of knowing” and “ways of doing” that enhance educational outcomes for Prek-12 students while also serving to transform the profession. The volume’s contents of 19 chapters divided into four areas: (1) Clinically Rich Practices (2) PDS Stakeholders’ Perspectives (3) Enriching Content Area Instruction (4) Family Engagement, gives us a more vivid picture of the work that partnerships are doing to fulfill the PDS promise for improving teaching and learning at every level.

Acknowledgements. Introduction. PART I: CLINICALLY RICH PRACTICES. Partnering to Achieve Authentic and Mutually Beneficial Teacher Preparation Through Innovative Clinical Practices, Anne Dahlman, Carrie Chapman, Patricia Hoffman, Ginger Zierdt, April Rosendale, Pamely Kennedy, Scott Page, Allen Hoffman, and Paul Preimesberger. Measuring Classroom Teaching Effectiveness and Using Findings to Make Changes: A PDS Video-Based Action Research Study, Linda A. Catelli, Joan Carlino, and GinaMarie Petraglia. Clinically Rich Practices in Teacher Education: Review and Recommendations, Janna Dresden, Julie Kittleson, and Julianne Wenner. Student Achievement from Anchor Action Research Studies in High-Needs, Urban Professional Development Schools: A Meta Analysis, William Curlette, Robert Hendrick, Susan Ogletree, and Gwendolyn Benson. Assessing Teacher Quality and Teacher Effectiveness Through Professional Development School Partnerships, Sally Yahnke, M. Gail Shroyer, and Amanda Morales. PDS as Passport to the World: Preparing the Next Generation of Educators for a Global Community, Prixita del Prado Hill, Leslie Day, Nancy A. Chicola, and Hibajene Shandomo. PART II: STAKEHOLDERS’ PERSPECTIVE. When a Professional Development School Program Becomes Unsustainable: Trying to Keep the Best of Both Worlds, Laura A. Mitchell, Janice L. Nath, and Myrna D. Cohen. Alumni Perceptions of Their School—University Partnership Programs, Emilie Rodger, Greg Prater, and Michael Blocher. Lessons Learned in Strengthening and Sustaining School–University Partnership Networks, Stephanie L. Savick and Sarah Anne Eckert. The University and Elementary School: A Partnership Focusing on Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade (K–5) Student Learning, Fran Greb, Naomi Kirkman, and Brett Grunau. Preparing Preservice Teachers in a PDS Context: Insights into Field-Based Methods Courses, Christina Siry, JoAnne Ferrara, and Diane Lang. PART III: ENRICHING CONTENT AREA INSTRUCTION. Tutoring in Mathematics: Affect on Professional Development School (PDS) Preservice Teachers’ Perception of Teaching Mathematics and Effect on Student Achievement, Jeanne Tunks and Caroline O’Brien. Early Field Experiences in Mathematics: What a Professional Development School Model Allows Future Teachers to Do, Paula Guerra, Stacy De La Cruz, and Maggie Phillips. Utilizing a University–School Partnership to Improve the Academic Achievement of Middle School Students (Including Those with Special Needs) by Instituting School-Wide Co-Teaching, Debra Leach, Lisa Johnson, Felix Blumhardt, and Cindy Bush. A School–University Partnership’s Use of Action Research as an Inservice Clinical Response Initiative to Develop The Literacy-Based Instructional Practices Of Teachers, David A. Walker and Portia M. Downey. Partnering to Strengthen the Teaching of Foundational Literacy Skills, Katherine Egan Cunningham. PART IV: FAMILY ENGAGEMENT. Supporting Mathematics Learning in a PDS Network: The Parents’ Perspective, Jeanne Tunks and Julie Williams. Another Level in a PDS Partnership: Bringing Families and Teacher Candidates Together, Julie Rosenthal, Maika Bonafe, and Mary Lebron. Negotiating the Expanded Roles of PDS Liaisons in Full-Service Community Schools, JoAnne Ferrara and Diane Gomez. About the Contributors.


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