Creativity and Spirituality

A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Edited by:
Maureen Miner, Excelsia College
Martin Dowson, Excelsia College

Published 2017

The volume was developed to address conceptual, relational and formational questions around the phenomena of creativity and spirituality from a multidisciplinary perspective. We acknowledge the complexity of each phenomenon, and the need for multiple perspectives, in a number of ways. First, different chapters are written from psychological, theological or philosophical perspectives. Second, multiple research perspectives are considered across empirical and phenomenological methods of inquiry. Finally, multiple associations between creativity and spirituality are evaluated.

From such multiple perspectives the theme of this volume emerges. Both creativity and spirituality are important for individual and societal flourishing but we know little about fostering both in the 21st century. Some ways of fostering them are psychologically harmful and need to be avoided. New ways of protecting people as they engage in creative and spiritual endeavours are needed. In particular, formal training in both creativity and spirituality within the sphere of higher education should be developed in the light of current research. However, new research that integrates multiple perspectives and examines creativity and spirituality together is needed for training that avoids harm and promotes individual and social flourishing.

The book will be valuable for educators in all disciplines of higher education because it justifies and explicates training in creativity and spirituality within all areas of higher education. Further, it discusses how such training might best be included within andragogical practice. The book will be useful for researchers of creativity and spirituality because it gives an overview of contemporary research issues and findings, and proposes a new philosophical‐ theological perspective for integrative research in these areas. Students in fields of creativity, theology and spirituality will use the book as a synthesis of contemporary theories and research relating to both creativity and spirituality and for direction in post‐graduate research. More broadly, Christians and others who appreciate the creative and performing arts will find much to challenge their thinking and deepen their awareness of spirituality within human creativity.

Foreword. Introduction. Creativity and Spirituality: Psychological Perspectives, Maureen Miner. SECTION I: THE PHILOSOPHY AND THEOLOGY OF CREATIVITY, Faithful Imagination: The Spiritual Life and the Creative Process, Stuart Devenish. Constraint and Transcendence: Theology and the Umwelt of Creativity, Nicola Hoggard Creegan. Shared Creativity and Spirituality in Art, Science and Religion, Martin Dowson. SECTION II: THE PERSON OF THE ARTIST: PSYCHOLOGY, SPIRITUALTY, AND CREATIVITY. Understanding the Creative Artist: Exploring Spirituality as a Protective Factor for the Highly Creative, Julie Crabtree and Jeff Crabtree. The Lively Self: Fostering Psychological and Spiritual Health and Wellbeing in Student Actors, Marie‐Thérèse Proctor. Producing a Passion Play in the 21st Century, Ros Riley. SECTION III: CREATIVITY AND SPIRITUALITY IN HIGHER EDUCATION. Creativity and Spirituality in Higher Education: A Case for Inclusion, Maureen Miner. Nurturing Innovation in Performance Training: Embodying Values of Interconnection, Collectivity, and Interaction in Higher Education, Mark Cariston Seton. Integrating Creativity and Spirituality in Higher Education, Maureen Miner. About the Authors.