Critical Dialogues in Higher Education

Nance T Algert, Texas A&M University
Clare A. Gill, Texas A&M University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Issues in Conflict Management and Dialogue. Editor(s): Nance T Algert, Texas A&M University. Carla Liau-Hing Yep, Texas A&M University. Kenita S. Rogers, Texas A&M University. Christine A. Stanley, Texas A&M University.

Published 2020

This book is designed to support individuals, particularly in higher education settings, gain knowledge and skills related to critical dialogues that support effective conflict management. Higher education institutions and its stakeholders such as faculty, staff, students, and administrators are often perceived for their proclivity to foster debate. This book is not about how to facilitate debate, but rather, dialogue, which if managed well, can lead to positive growth, learning outcomes, and increased productivity. Dialogue as a method for effective conflict management is an underutilized method of communication. Contents of the book include modules that address communication skills, conflict management styles, working in small groups or teams, how to facilitate change, and research-based resources and references for conflict management.

Introduction. PART I: Difficult Dialogues Program Overview. PART II: Communication. PART III: Difficult Dialogue Process. MODULE 1: Me With Me: Increasing Self-Awareness. MODULE 2: Me and the Group: Managing Me as a Group Participant. MODULE 3: Me as a Facilitator: Facilitating a Group or Team Using Dialogue. MODULE 4: Reflecting on Organizational Climate. Glossary. References. Additional References. About the Authors.