Critical Issues in Social Studies Research for the 21st Century

Edited by:
William B. Stanley, University of Colorado at Boulder

A volume in the series: Research in Social Education. Editor(s): Brad M. Maguth, The University of Akron.

Published 2001

The authors of the nine other chapters in this book have struggled with the issues discussed above in several different ways. The chapter authors represent a wide range of views and expertise within the field of social stud-ies. Some have been leading social studies scholars for three or four decades. Other authors represent new voices that have begun to shape the direction social studies will take in the future. The topics examined here include the debate over how to define social studies, social studies and the impact of the standards/accountability movement, the contextual con-straints/ restraints on teaching social studies, education for democracy, rationales for teaching history, multicultural education, global education, social studies and educational technology, and the nature and effectiveness of social studies research.

Introduction: Social Studies Research and Practice in Perspective. William B. Stanley, University of Colorado at Boulder. Defining the Social Studies: Research and Debate. Jack L. Nelson, Rutgers University. Educating Democrats in a Changing World. Walter C. Parker, University of Washington. The New Cognitive Sciences and the Social Studies. John St. Julian, University of Delaware. Committing Acts of History: Four Ways People Use the Past. Linda S. Levistik, University of Kentucky and Keith Barton, University of Cincinnati. Promise and Practice of Computer Technologies in the Social Studies: A Critical Analysis. Michael J. Berson, University of South Florida, John K. Lee, Georgia State University, and Daniel W. Stuckart, King High School and University of South Florida. Connecting Discourses of Multicultural and Social Studies Education. Ellen Santora, University of Rochester. Moving the Center of Global Education: From Imperial World Views that Divide the World to Double Consciousness, Contrapuntal Pedagogy, Hybridity and Cross-Cultural Competence. Merry M. Merryfield, The Ohio State University. Cultures of Constraint/Restraint and the Social Studies. Catherine Cornbleth, State University New York, Buffalo. Social Studies and the Standards/Accountability Movement. E. Wayne Ross, State University of New York - Binghamton. The Prospects for Social Studies Research. James P. Shaver, Utah State University.