Critical Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Society

Edited by:
Paul Chamness Iida
Timothy Reagan, University of Maine and University of the Free State
John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University
Cuhullan Tsuyoshi McGivern
Jason Man-Bo Ho

A volume in the series: Readings in Language Studies. Editor(s): John L Watzke, International Society for Language Studies, Inc.. John W. Schwieter, Wilfrid Laurier University.

Published 2022

Founded in 2002, the International Society for Language Studies is a worldwide organization of volunteers, scholars, and practitioners committed to critical, interdisciplinary, and emergent approaches to language studies. Its eighth volume of the Readings in Language Studies series, Critical Perspectives on Teaching, Learning, and Society, presents international perspectives on issues of language related to a variety of themes.

Introduction. Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice in World Language Education: Beyond Conscientizacao, Terry A. Osborn and Timothy Reagan. Classroom Mapping as a Pedagogical Tool: Gauging Student Participation and Teaching Effectiveness in the College Language Classroom, Adrian Gras–Velazquez and Maeve Porter Holliday. Enhancing Student Voices in Academic Blog Writing, Jason Man–Bo Ho and Maria Mo–Kit Fung. Communicative Competence in EFL Learning Revisited: Constructing a Pedagogical Framework Through Teacher–Based Reflection on Their Own Practice, Maria Evangelica Lizarraga. A Short History of the Peaceable Discourse Needed for Critical Language Pedagogy: Exploratory Talk for Critical Dialogue, Graham V. Crookes. Listening Closely to Ethnographic Experience: Locating Researcher Identity as Participant Listener, Won Kim. Strategies Used by Plurilingual International Educators in the Australian Education Field, Germana Eckert. Contextualizing Language Teaching in the United States: Teaching a Culturally Relevant Spanish Curriculum, N. Ariana Mrak. Creating a New Courtroom Reality: Misinterpretation of Calques in Immigration Hearings, Marjorie J. Zambrano-Paff. Can Clarity Surpass Familiarity?: Japanese EFL Learners’ /ɹ/ and /l/Phoneme Production Post-Pronunciation Training as Assessed by Listeners with Diverse English Variety Backgrounds, Brian G. Rubrecht. Melodramatic Conventions in Asian American Films: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Saving Face, Yuki Matsumoto. Recreating Beliefs Through Inscriptions on Body Panels of Commercial Buses in Lagos, Babtunji Hezekiah Adepoju. The Creative Use of Language in German Refugee Politics, 2015-2016, Herrad Heselhaus. When a Household Becomes Multilingual: Family Language Practices of Japanese Mothers in Asian Global Cities, Aya Kitamura. Index. About the Editors. About the Contributors.