Culture, Self, and, Motivation

Essays in Honor of Martin L. Maehr

Edited by:
Avi Kaplan, Ben Gurion University of the Negev
Stuart A. Karabenick, University of Michigan
Elisabeth De Groot, University of Michigan

Published 2009

The authors of the chapters in this volume—past and present collaborators of Marty Maehr, and a few of his former graduate students along the years—are motivational researchers who conduct research using diverse methods and perspectives, and in different parts of the world. All, however, see their intellectual roots in Marty’s theoretical and empirical work. The chapters in this book are divided into two sections: Motivation and Self and Culture and Motivation. Clearly, the distinctions between these two sections are very blurry, as they are in Marty’s work. And yet, when the authors were asked to contribute their chapters, the research questions they addressed seemed to have formed two foci, with personal motivation and socio-cultural processes alternating as the core versus the background in the two sections.

Introduction: Culture, Self, and Motivation. The Contribution of Martin L. Maehr to the Fields of Achievement Motivation and Educational Psychology, Avi Kaplan, Stuart A. Karabenick, and Elisabeth DeGroot. Martin L. Maehr: Brief Bio. PART I: MOTIVATION AND SELF. Continuing Motivation Revisited, Eric M. Anderman and Jennifer A. Weber. Applying Personal Investment Theory to Better Understand Student Development, Larry A. Braskamp. Motivation in Sport and Physical Activity: An Achievement Goal Interpretation, Glyn C. Roberts, Frank Abrahamsen, and P. Nicolas Lemyre. Meaning-Making and Motivation: A Dynamic Model, Avi Kaplan, Hanoch Flum, and Keren Kemelman. Achievement Goals in the Context of the Hierarchical Model of Approach-Avoidance Achievement Motivation, Ron Friedman, Arlen C. Moller, James W. Fryer, Ista Zahn, Wilbert Law, Ryan D. Acuff, Daniela Niesta, Kou Murayama, Angelika M. Meier, Beate Jelstad, and Andrew J. Elliot. Marty Maehr’s Contributions to Research in Pasteur’s Quadrant: The Mathematics and Science Partnership—Motivation Assessment Program, Stuart A. Karabenick, Bridget V. Dever, Juliane Blazevski, AnneMarie M. Conley, Jeanne M. Friedel, Melissa C. Gilbert, and Lauren E. Musu. PART II: CULTURE AND MOTIVATION. School Culture Matters for Teachers’ and Students’ Achievement Goals, Lennia Matos, Willy Lens, and Maarten Vansteenkiste. A Model of Culture and Achievement Behavior, Farideh Salili. Achievement Motivation in Cross-Cultural Context: Application of Personal Investment Theory in Educational Settings, Dennis M. McInerney and Gregory Arief D. Liem. The Cultural Situatedness of Motivation, Julianne C. Turner and Helen Patrick. The Contributions of Martin L. Maehr to the Study of Cultural Influences on Achievement Motivation, Tim Urdan. Vita: Martin L. Maehr. Author Index. Subject Index.