Current Issues in Educational Policy and the Law

Edited by:
Kevin G. Welner, University of Colorado - Boulder
Wendy C. Chi, University of Colorado - Boulder

A volume in the series: Educational Policy and Law. Editor(s): Kevin G. Welner, University of Colorado - Boulder. Wendy C. Chi, University of Colorado - Boulder.

Published 2008

Educational policy controversies in the United States invariably implicate legal issues. Policy debates about testing and school choice, for example, cannot be disentangled from legal rights and mandates. The same is true for issues such as funding, campus safety, speech and religion rights, as well as the teaching of immigrant students. Written for a general audience, this new twelve-chapter book explores these compelling educational policy issues through that legal lens, building an understanding of both law and policy.

The book's editors are Kevin Welner, associate professor of educational policy at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and Wendy Chi, a doctoral candidate at Boulder. Both Welner and Chi are lawyers as well as educational scholars.

"Chi and Welner present a much-needed, tightly-knit marriage of education law and policy. Intelligent, current, compelling -- a seminal piece on this topic!" Jacqueline Stefkovich Penn State University

"Current Issues in Educational Policy and the Law presents an excellent collection of legal and policy research that will inform the public debate surrounding the type of education that we hope to achieve." Karen Miksch University of Minnesota

"A timely and well-written collection on cutting edge issues in education law, this volume is a welcome addition to the professional lives of both academicians and practitioners." Charlie Russo University of Dayton

"Law and policy scholars will find this book well worth reading. The volume’s twelve chapters offer challenging theses on the education policy issues of the day, and several of the chapters provide good summaries of particular areas of law and policy litigation—lawsuits over zero tolerance policies, for example, and charter school litigation. Higher education teachers searching for a good text for a graduate course in education law and policy should examine Welner and Chi’s work. They have done a remarkable job of addressing a number of important issues of education law and policy in a thorough, balanced, and provocative way." Richard Fossey

"Overall the book presents an important contribution to debate and discussions about the future of education in the United States. The authors challenge the readers to consider new directions, review the past and posit new theory for the future, while raising interesting and formidable issues related to key topics in policy and law." Robert C. Knoeppel Clemson University