Curriculum Windows

What Curriculum Theorists of the 2000s Can Teach Us About Schools and Society Today

Edited by:
Thomas S. Poetter, Miami University
Kelly Waldrop, The Publish House
Kimberly Pietsch Miller, Miami University
Cynthia Sanders, Miami University
Andy Hatton, Miami University

A volume in the series: Curriculum Windows. Editor(s): Thomas S. Poetter, Miami University.

Published 2021

Curriculum Windows: What Curriculum Theorists of the 2000s Can Teach Us about Schools and Society Today is an effort by students of curriculum studies, along with their professor, to interpret and understand curriculum texts and theorists of the 2000s in contemporary terms.

The authors explore how key books/authors from the curriculum field of the 2000s illuminate new possibilities forward for us as scholar educators today: How might the theories, practices, and ideas wrapped up in curriculum texts of the 2000s still resonate with us, allow us to see backward in time and forward in time – all at the same time? How might these figurative windows of insight, thought, ideas, fantasy, and fancy make us think differently about curriculum, teaching, learning, students, education, leadership, and schools? Further, how might they help us see more clearly, even perhaps put us on a path to correct the mistakes and missteps of intervening decades and of today?

The chapter authors and editors revisit and interpret several of the most important works in the curriculum field of the 2000s. The book's Foreword is by renowned curriculum theorist William H. Schubert.

Foreword: Curriculum Windows: The 2000s, William H. Schubert. Preface: 2000s Volume, Thomas S. Poetter. Introduction: Curriculum Windows of the 2000s, Thomas S. Poetter. Lighting Up the Cave, Paul Imhoff. A Seemingly Simple Task, Pete Kurty. The Light Still Shines Through Broken Windows, Mary Apel Montavon. The Sky Is the Limit—Or Is It? Jaclyn Angle. Breaking Glass Ceilings, Kimberly Pietsch Miller. The Filtered Window: Improving Academic Achievement for Diverse Learners, Jennifer Knapp. Window Shopping, Shannon Coblentz. The View Through the Car Windows, Paula J. McCue. What Is Worth Knowing? The Power of the Hidden Curriculum, Angela Ervin. Empowering Educators: Finding the Path to Understanding, Rita Shaffer. Just Listen: Watkins on Race, Diane Smeenk. For Sale: One Public Common School System, Democratic Ideals Included, David L. Hile. Can We Talk? Curriculum and Conversation, Cynthia Sanders. When We Lose Our Way, Andy Hatton. About the Editors.