Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue

Vol. 18 # 1 & 2

Edited by:
David J. Flinders, Indiana University
Christy M. Moroye, Regis University

A volume in the series: Curriculum & Teaching Dialogue. Editor(s): Chara Haeussler Bohan, Georgia State University. John L. Pecore, University of West Florida. Franklin S. Allaire, University of Houston-Downtown.

Published 2016

Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue (CTD) is a publication of the American Association of Teaching and Curriculum (AATC), a national learned society for the scholarly field of teaching and curriculum. The field includes those working on the theory, design and evaluation of educational programs at large. At the university level, faculty members identified with this field are typically affiliated with the departments of curriculum and instruction, teacher education, educational foundations, elementary education, secondary education, and higher education. CTD promotes all analytical and interpretive approaches that are appropriate for the scholarly study of teaching and curriculum. In fulfillment of this mission, CTD addresses a range of issues across the broad fields of educational research and policy for all grade levels and types of educational programs.

Acknowledgments. President’s Message—Kinship and Hope, William White. Editor’s Notes, David Flinders. VOLUME 18, NUMBER 1 2016: Presidential Address—The Past, Present, and Future of Teaching and Teacher Education Curriculum, Chara Haeussler Bohan. Examining Grant Funded Professional Development for White Female Teachers in Urban Schools, Lauren Yarnell Bradshaw, Joseph R. Feinberg, and Chara Haeussler Bohan. Enhancing Urban Students’ Use of Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) Strategies in 8th Grade Science Classes, Corey E. Nagle, Barry G. Sheckley, and George J. Allen. CAEP and the Decline of Curriculum and Teaching in an Age of Techne: I Have Seen the Enemy and He Is Us, Gretchen Schwarz. Beyond Survival to Thrival: An Urban Teacher’s Promising Career Story, Kristina Valtierra. Crossing Borders With a Level of Caring: An Ingredient for White Student Teachers When Immersing Themselves in Urban School Neighborhoods, Veronica Fife-Demski. Virtually Hidden: Feminizing Online Teaching Spaces, Crystal D. Howell. Not Your Usual Bedtime Story: The Transformative Power of the ONLINE LGBTQ Youth YA Graphic Novel, Kyoung Wan Cathy Shin. VOLUME 18, NUMBER 2 2016: Editor’s Notes, Christy McConnell Moroye. Living in Interesting Times: Toward a Curriculum of Meaning in a Time of Fear, Christine Woyshner. Transformative Curriculum Making: A Teacher Educator’s Counterstory, Sumer Seiki. What Are We Doing to Kids Here? Daniel R. Conn. Threats to Validity in Accountability Structures for Public Education. Daniel M. Warlop. Comprehension Matters: Factors Influencing Preservice Teachers’ Reading of Standards-Based Mathematics Curriculum, Todd Hodgkinson, Tonia Land, Jill Johnson, and Beth Beshchorner. A Deweyan Reflection: The Potential of Hospitality and Movement in the Classroom, Juli Kramer. Caring as a Transformative Model for Arts Integration, Jane E. Dalton and Kelly A. Hrenko. License to Let Go in Transitional Kindergarten Programs: Supports and Barriers of Play-Based Strategies, Sarah Baron, Jason C. Immekus, Juan Carlos González, and Cathy K. Yun. Student Perceptions of Preparedness for College: A Case Study of Students in a First-Year Required Course, Cortney E. P. Holles. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Pedagogicide and Teacher Evaluation in the Age of Accountability, Michael R. P. Bailey. OUTTAKES: Introduction—Of Mice and Birds: Tales of the Outliers, Kate Kauper. Outside Curriculum, Currere, and Spaces of Learning: Embracing Tensions at the Margins of Teacher Education, Lori Meier. Limitations and Potential, Denise McDonald. Outlier: Leave Him In, T.S. Poetter. The Teacher Factor, Joseph Bolz. BOOK REVIEWS: The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession (by Dana Goldstein), Karen Kusiak. Back to School: Why Everyone Deserves a Second Chance at Education (by Mike Rose), Meredith McCool. Teaching Truly: A Curriculum to Indigenize Mainstream Education (by D. T Jacobs), Traci L. Jordan. About the Authors.