Deepening Literacy Learning

Art and Literature Engagements in K-8 Classrooms

Mary Ann Reilly
Jane M. Gangi
Rob Cohen

A volume in the series: Teaching<~>Learning Indigenous, Intercultural Worldviews: International Perspectives on Social Justice and Human Rights. Editor(s): Tonya Huber, Texas A&M International University.

Published 2010

Foreword, Tonya Huber. Preface, Ruth A. Vinz. Opening Possibilities Through Transmediation, Mary Ann Reilly. Global Multicultural Literature and the Read-Aloud and Writer’s Workshop as a Site for Social Justice, Jane M. Gangi. “Living in a Dream of Music”: Fluency Through Choral Reading and Narrative Pantomime, Jane M. Gangi. “Having More To Say”: Developing Writing Fluency Through Collage, Mary Ann Reilly. Recasting Text Through Reader’s Theater and Story Dramatization, Jane M. Gangi. Deepening Comprehension Through Storytelling, Jane M. Gangi. Studying Writer’s Craft in Three Middle School Classrooms: A Sociocultural Perspective, Mary Ann Reilly. Finding the Right Words: Art Conversations and Poetry, Mary Ann Reilly. Gaming the System, Rob Cohen. Reforming the Road to Jericho: Using Multimodal Texts, Art Engagements, and Asynchronous Chats to Bridge Discourses, Mary Ann Reilly. Recommended Books on History, Culture, and Current Events for Deepening Literacy Learning, Jane M. Gangi.

"In an increasingly global learning environment, teachers are challenged to meet a myriad of student needs—provide basic literacy and mathematics skills, improve scientific and technological thinking, increase bilingual and multi-lingual competencies. Reilly and Gangi provide a new vision of what it means to be literate and, more important, what it means to be a global citizen. This volume represents a wonderful move away from schooling and toward education." Gloria Ladson-Billings University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Mary Ann Reilly and Jane M. Gangi’s book, Deepening Literacy Learning: Art and Literature Engagements in K-8 Classrooms, is a wonderful blending of methodologies. This juxtaposition of art and literature serves as an instrument for teachers to inspire their students to create, critique, compare and predict, all higher-level intellectual behaviors, while composing across symbol systems. The work contains detailed classroom transcripts of strategies that lend themselves to culturally responsive teaching while engaging students and developing in them the desire to learn." Judi Groves Burford Center for the Arts, Kansas