Design Thinking

Research, Innovation, and Implementation

Edited by:
Karen L. Sanzo, Old Dominion University
Jay Paredes Scribner, Old Dominion University
Jason A. Wheeler, Floyd County Public Schools
Kate Wolfe Maxlow, Hampton City Schools

A volume in the series: Transforming Education Systems. Editor(s): Karen L. Sanzo, Old Dominion University. Kate Wolfe Maxlow, Hampton City Schools .

Published 2022

Design thinking is a human-centered problem-solving process that organizations can use to address wicked and complex problems of practice. Within the PK-12 space, design thinking has been employed to engage educators in an innovative approach to address challenges like curriculum redesign, instructional engagement, and designing physical spaces. The use of design thinking in the PK-12 space is a result of the evolution of an organizational improvement process that puts people at the center of problem-solving initiatives. Design thinking is seen as both a process and a mindset that enables people to look at problems in new ways and address these problems through creative approaches.

In this book we share case studies of PK-12 schools and other educational organizations that have used design thinking, as well as research studies that have studied aspects of design thinking in the PK-12 space. We have brought together a variety of research-based and illustrative case studies around design thinking in PK-12 education that explore the development and implementation of design thinking in practice.

Adopt to Adapt: A Multiyear Case Study of Design Thinking in Elementary Classrooms, Kate Shively, Krista Stith, Robyn Spoon, Rachel Louise Geesa, and Lisa DaVia Rubenstein. Local Implementation: Design Thinking in a Singapore School, Kala Retna. Perspectives of Teachers About Design Thinking as a Lever for Change in a School, John B. Nash and Rachel F. Allen. Celebration of Learning: An Elementary School’s Design Thinking Journey, Bridget K. Mulvey, Jennifer L. Heisler, and Todd Poole. What Does It Mean to Be Authentic? Challenges and Opportunities Faced in Creating K–12 Engineering Design Projects, Corey Schimpf, Şenay Purzer, Jenny Quintana, Elena Sereiviene, and Charles Xie. Design Thinking Implementation in Rural Georgia: A Tale of Two Cases, T. Logan Arrington and Lara Willox. The Promise and Challenge of Multilevel Redesign of School Practices With Design Thinking, Shelley Goldman, Annie Camey Kuo, Kimiko E. Lange, Melissa Mesinas, and Rose K. Pozos. First Graders’ Design Processes During a Field Trip Activity: Expanding Problem and Solution Spaces, Hoda Ehsan and Monica E. Cardella. Complicating Design Thinking in Education: A University-School District Partnership to Design a School for the Future, Melissa Warr, Punya Mishra, Ben Scragg, Jeanne Powers, and Lok-Sze Wong. One District Delves Into Design Thinking, M. Elizabeth Azukas. About the Authors.