Developing Knowledge and Value in Management Consulting

Edited by:
Anthony F. Buono, Bentley University

A volume in the series: Research in Management Consulting. Editor(s): David Brian Szabla, Western Michigan University.

Published 2002

The second volume in the Research in Management Consulting series focuses on developing knowledge and value in management consulting. While there has been an exponential explosion in both the presence and role played by management consultants, the exact nature of their contribution —to client organizations, to our understanding of management and organization, to our comprehension of the increasingly complex dynamics associated with business in a global marketplace, and to the development of their own firms—remains ambiguous. Just as the business world is experiencing rapid and, at times, volatile change, the consulting industry itself is also facing unprecedented change and challenge. Over the next decade, forecasts suggest a world of difference for management consulting, from different competitors and different types of projects and assignments, to different skill sets and different fee structures, to different client expectations.

Introduction, Anthony F. Buono. PART I: THE MANAGEMENT CONSULTING INDUSTRY. Management Consulting for Client Learning: Clients’ Perceptions of Learning in Management Consulting, Andreas Werr and Hakan Linnarsson. Knowledge Management in Action: A Study of Knowledge Management in Management Consultancies, Nicoline Jacoby Petersen and Flemming Poulfelt. The Limits of ISO9000 Consulting Methods, Isabella Gouveia de Vasconcelos and Flavio Carvalho de Vasconcelos. PART II: TRENDS AND TECHNIQUES IN MANAGEMENT CONSULTING. Executive Coaching as the Intervention of Choice for the Derailing Executive: Some Unanswered Questions, James M. Hunt Joseph R. Weintraub. Outsourcing Strategic Decision Making: Opportunity or Constraint? Ginka Toegel. Creating Collaborative Communities, Jeffrey Shuman and Janice Twombly. PART III: REFLECTIONS ON MANAGEMENT CONSULTING. Consultancy Foundations: Toward a General Theory, Craig C. Lundberg. Toward a Theory of Management Consulting: A Proposed Model and Its Implications, C. Ken Weidner II and Eli E. Kass. Functions and Roles of Management Consulting Firms, Michael Nippa and Kerstin Petzold. Huh and Its Variants: Signs of Potential Doom? Susan M. Adams. How to Understand Management and Change: Is the Actors’ Logics System Analysis One Useful Answer? Georges X. Trepo.