Developing Science Literacy in the 21st Century

Keri-Anne Croce, Towson University
Jonah Firestone, Washington State University

A volume in the series: Science & Engineering Education Sources. Editor(s): Mark J. Lattery, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Published 2020

The development of science literacy has the potential to have an enormous impact on real world outcomes. Specifically, developing science literacy may persuade individuals to act. We hope that this book will influence scientists, science journalists, sociologists, anthropologists, communication specialists, political leaders, media outlets, educational institutions, and individual science content consumers.

The chapters in this book describe a definition of science literacy that draws on the emotional, cognitive, and social. The authors strive to help prepare individuals to read, write, and speak science in a continuously evolving information landscape. In order to meet these objectives, the chapters examine both qualitative and quantitative research. It is within these frameworks that we can begin to address science literacy in the 21st century.

Defining what it means to develop science literacy, Keri-Anne Croce and Jonah B. Firestone. Understanding science and decision-making: What does science literacy have to do with it? Keri-Anne Croce and Marcia J. Watson-Vandiver. Science literacy as a social interactional inquiry process, Huili Hong, Karin Keith, and Renee Rice Moran. Assessment and science literacy: Approaches for educators, Keri-Anne Croce and Debra Goodman. Utilizing project-based learning to enhance science literacy, Bridget Miller, Christie Martin, and Lucy Spence. Realism, immersion, and interactivity: The effects of virtual reality on students’ science scientific writing, Richard Lamb, Elisabeth Etopio, Jonah B. Firestone, Jacqueline Zeder, and Brian Hand. Lead in the water, Blood on the leaves: A systematic overview of scientific misuse and malpractice in African communities and social justice call to action, Marcia J. Watson-Vandiver. Developing science literacy in schools and colleges in Mumbai, Sonali Raje, Ankush Gupta, Savita Ladage and Lakshmy Ravishankar. What is the future for science literacy? Keri-Anne Croce and Jonah B. Firestone.