Difficult Discussions

Issues and Ideas for Engaging College Students in Peace and Justice Topics

Edited by:
Laura L. Finley, Barry University
Robin Cooper, Nova Southeastern University

A volume in the series: Peace Education. Editor(s): Laura L. Finley, Barry University. Robin Cooper, Nova Southeastern University.

Published 2020

Drawing from many disciplinary areas, this edited volume shares tools, techniques and ideas for engaging college students in difficult discussions. From sexual violence to race to poverty and more, chapters in the book present useful strategies as well as limitations in creating safe classroom spaces. Ideal for peace and justice educators, this volume also includes the voices of students in every chapter.

Introduction. Acknowledgments. A Different Space for Listening: Circle Processes as a Location for Transformative Engagement, Rachel Goldberg and Olivia Neff. From Courageous Conversations to Classroom Dialogues, Alison Castel and Jason Taylor. Exploring the Benefits of Mindset and Literacy to Engage in Acts of Peace and Social Justice Education, Kelly Concannon and Monique Scoggin. The Pedagogy of Difficult Discussions: A Conversation, Dean Johnson, Shannon Boyle, Philip Balla, Samantha Jeune, and Patricia Louis. Starting a New Term With No Phone or Filter: A Story of Teaching Under Federal Indictment, Michael Loadenthal. Teaching Privilege Amongst the Privilege: A Difficult Topic to Broach and Understand, Christian A. I. Schlaerth. Difficult Discussions: Race Talk and Awkward Dinners, Pamela D. Hall, Roni Bennett, Jordana Hart, Jordan Pate, Salman Ahmad, and Alisha Weatherly Kershaw. Teaching About #MeToo and Gender-Based Violence in a Way That Engages All Students, Laura Finley. Student-Led Research and Biopics as an Interdisciplinary Teaching Tool for Conflict Analysis in the Urban Community College Classroom, Jill Strauss. Educating and Engaging Students as Emerging Agents of Social Change in a Diverse Community, Glenn A. Bowen and Courtney A. Berrien. About the Editor. About the Contributors.