Distance Education

Statewide, Institutional, and International Applications of Distance Education, 2nd Edition

Edited by:
Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University

A volume in the series: Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. Editor(s): Charles Schlosser, Nova Southeastern University. Michael Simonson, Nova Southeastern University.

Published 2016

Distance Learning journal is a premiere outlet for articles featuring practical applications of distance education in states, institutions, and countries. Distance Education: Statewide, Institutional, and International Applications of Distance Education, 2nd Edition is a collection of readings from Distance Learning journal written by practitioners for practitioners.

Introduction. Part 1: State‐based and Statewide Approaches to Distance Education Florida Virtual School (DL 12‐3, pp. 17‐22) ACCESS Distance Learning (DL, 12‐3, pp. 39‐46) Northstar Academy (DL 12‐2, pp. 1‐6) South Carolina Virtual Public School (DL 12‐2, pp. 23‐32) Texas Virtual School Network (DL 12‐2, pp. 39‐44) South Carolina Virtual School (DL 11‐1, pp. 25‐32) Learning at Georgia Virtual School (DL 10‐4, pp. 15‐22) Broward Virtual School (DL 10‐1, pp. 17‐24) Georgia Schools: Virtually Here (10‐1, pp. 36‐44) Meeting the Shifting Perspective: the Iowa Communications Network (DL 5‐1, pp. 1‐12) Part 2: Institution‐based Applications of Distance Education Michigan Virtual University (DL 12‐2, pp. 45‐52) Navy College Afloat Program (DL 11‐1, pp. 21‐24) UMASSOnline (DL 10‐4, pp. 37‐44) Tribal Colleges and Universities (DL 10‐4, pp. 45‐52) Maximizing HR Professional’s Leadership Role in e’Learning (DL 10‐4, pp. 53‐62) The Global Campus: Examining the Initiative from the Perspective of Diffusion Theory (DL 7‐3, pp. 49‐54) Online Learning Opportunities for K‐12 Students in Florida’s Nassau County (DL 8‐1, pp. 1‐9) Responding to Change: Online Education at the College of Central Florida (DL 8‐3, pp. 71‐74) A Closer Look at Distance Learning in the Kansas City, Missouri School District (DL 9‐2, pp. 26‐35) Reaching Beyond the Conventional Classroom: NASA’s Digital Learning Network (DL 6‐4, pp. 1‐8) The Virtual Campus at the International Academy of Design and Technology‐Online (DL 8‐1, pp. 61‐72) US Army and US Navy Staff Officer Distance Education Programs (DL 8‐2, pp. 17‐24) Part 3: International Applications of Distance Education University of the West Indies (DL 11‐2, pp. 11‐18) Online Education in the Bahamas (DL 11‐2, pp. 41‐48) The Evolution of ODL System in Nigeria (DL 11‐1, pp. 13‐20) Delivery of an Online MBA Program for Future Business Leaders in Ukraine (DL 10‐2, pp. 25‐28) Instructional Technology and Distance Education in Nigeria (DL 10‐1, pp. 25‐30) Distance Learning in Belize: A Benefit for Youths and Adults (DL 8‐2; 11‐16) Challenges in Distance Learning for the Higher Education Sector in the Republic of Congo (DL 7‐3, pp. 31‐33) Distance Education and the Well‐Being of the Kabongo Region in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DL 3‐3, pp. 39‐50) Distance Learning and Bilingual Education CD‐ROMs in Rural Areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DL 3‐4, pp. 39‐46) Educational Leaders Perspectives: Pros and Cons of Distance Education in a Small Caribbean Island (DL 4‐3, pp. 37‐46) And Finally, Educational Colonialism (DL 11‐3, 96‐5)