Doing PDS

Stories and Strategies from Successful Clinically Rich Practice

Edited by:
Keli Garas-York, SUNY Buffalo State
Pixita del Prado Hill, SUNY Buffalo State
Leslie K. Day, SUNY Buffalo State
Kim Truesdell, SUNY Buffalo State
Susan Keller-Mathers, SUNY Buffalo State

A volume in the series: Research in Professional Development Schools and School-University Partnerships. Editor(s): JoAnne Ferrara, Manhattanville College. Ronald Beebe, University of Houston -Downtown. Drew Polly, UNC Charlotte. Jennifer K. McCorvey, University of South Florida.

Published 2017

SUNY Buffalo State is a unique urban comprehensive liberal arts public institution serving a large number of first generation college students. One flagship program at the college is the Professional Development Schools (PDS) consortium. Beginning in 1991 with one partner school, the SUNY Buffalo State PDS consortium now partners with approximately 45 schools locally, in Western New York, New York City, and across five continents. This book seeks to share the skills, knowledge, and examples of evidence-based practice of this innovative program to offer readers ideas for how teacher education and professional development might be re-conceptualized and re-energized.

Acknowledgements. Series Foreword, JoAnne Ferrara and Janice L. Nath. Foreword, Wendy A. Paterson. Professional Development Schools: Innovative Practices for 21st Century Learning, Leslie K. Day. Professional Development School Partnerships as Creative Endeavors, Susan Keller-Mathers. PART I: RESPONDING TO SCHOOL NEED BY PUTTING TEACHER CANDIDATES IN A NEW ROLE: FOCUS ON THE CHILD. PDS and Developing Literacy Strategy Instruction with Literacy Specialist Candidates and Elementary School Teachers, Keli Garas-York. Raising the Bar for the ELA Field Experience: Teacher Candidates Partnering With Teachers in the RTI Instructional Program, Maria A. Ceprano. PART II: RESPONDING TO SCHOOL NEED BY PUTTING TEACHER CANDIDATES IN A NEW ROLE: FOCUS ON FAMILIES. PDS and the Literacy Fair, Christine L. Tredo. Preparing Special Education Teacher Candidates: Meeting Challenges Within a PDS Framework, Angela L. Patti. PART III: MOVING BEYOND TRADITIONAL SPACES. The Book Club Recipe: Impacting Urban Literacy Through a PDS Partnership, Sherri Weber and Laura Thomson. A Local PDS Turns Into a Global Book Hour, Kim Truesdell. Creativity in the Cafeteria: A Pilot Study, Laura Klenk. PDS in Exceptional Education Teacher Prep Programs: Everyone Wins! Kathy R. Doody. PART IV: MOVING INTO VIRTUAL SPACES. Mediated Observations in a PDS School Using Distance Learning Technology, Kim Truesdell. Toward a Re-imagined PDS (Cyber)Space for Literacy Learning and Teaching, Jevon D. Hunter. PART V: MOVING INTO NEW GEOGRAPHIC SPACES. Low Cost/High Impact Path to Intercultural Competency Through International Professional Development Schools, Nancy Chicola. Low Cost/High Impact Path to Intercultural Competency: The Example of IPDS Zambia, Hibajene Monga Shandomo. Low Cost/High Impact Path to Intercultural Competency: The Example of IPDS Chile, Angela L. Patti and Pixita del Prado Hill. Club HoLA: When Teacher Candidates Become Language Learners Through PDS, Pixita del Prado Hill. PART VI: MAKING PDS WORK FOR ALL: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT. Teacher Candidates’ Roles in Professional Development Schools PDS, Leslie K. Day. PDS and The Leader in Me, Thomas M. McCully. PDS and Faculty Collaboration Helped Two Professors Go From Assistant to Associate, Kim Truesdell and Ellen Friedland. Flipping the PDS, Dianne S. McCarthy and Elizabeth Eden. Creative Teaching, Scholarship, and Service Through PDS, Pixita del Prado Hill. Conclusion: Suggestions for Doing PDS, Pixita del Prado Hill and Leslie K. Day. About the Contributors and Editors.


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