Educating Asian Americans

Achievement, Schooling, and Identities

Edited by:
Russell Endo, University of Colorado
Xue Lan Rong, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

A volume in the series: Research on the Education of Asian Pacific Americans. Editor(s): Clara C. Park, California State University, Northridge. A. Lin Goodwin, Teachers College, Columbia University. Stacey J. Lee, City University of New York.

Published 2013

The achievement, schooling, and the ethnic identities of Asian American students are among the core areas in the field of Asian American education, yet there is much that remains to be uncovered, verified, contradicted, and learned through sound research, especially as the Asian American population rapidly increases in size and in the diversification of its characteristics. The chapters in this book deal present cutting-edge work in these three areas and contain innovative perspectives, new qualitative quantitative data, and discussions of the implications of findings for educational policies, practices, and programs. These chapters cover such specific topics as academic achievement gaps between Asian American and White students, contemporary school experiences of Southeast Asians and of undocumented Asian American students, perspectives on teaching immigrant and refugee students, and the development of ethnic identities. This work is authored by well-known higher education faculty as well as emerging scholars. Overall, this material represents a valuable, timely, and useful contribution to the literature on Asian Americans that will be of interest to faculty, administrators, policymakers, researchers, and students.

Preface. An Explanatory Model of Southeast Asian American College Student Success: A Grounded Theory Analysis, Samuel D. Museus, Dina C. Maramba, Robert T. Palmer, Andres Reyes, and Kate Bresonis. Asian American and Pacific Islander Students: Third Graders and the Achievement Gap, Valerie Ooka Pang, Peggy P. Han, and Jennifer M. Pang. Profiles of Academic Risk: Diversity among Asian American Students, Hsiu-Zu Ho, Karen Nylund-Gibson, Alma Boutin-Martinez, and Connie N. Tran. K–12 Schooling Experiences of Southeast Asian American Students, Sovicheth Boun and Wayne E. Wright. Overstaying Our Welcome: Undocumented Asian Immigrant Experiences with Racial Microaggressions in Research and Education, Tracy Lachica Buenavista. Variability between Teachers’ Perceptions of Teaching Civics to Immigrant Students and Refugee Students, Jeremy Hilburn. “Like a Bridge”: How a Community-Based Organization Helps Immigrant and Working Poor Chinese Parents Navigate U.S. Schools, Nga-Wing Anjela Wong. Dancing Between Kyung Soo and Mike: Identity Formation through Dialogic Interactions, Minjung Ryu. Family and Educational Environments: Contexts and Counterstories of Filipino Americans, Dina C. Maramba. Appendix: Contents of Previous Volumes in the Series Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans. About the Authors.