Educating in Ethics Across the Professions

A Compendium of Research, Theory, Practice, and an Agenda for the Future

Edited by:
Richard M. Jacobs, Villanova University

A volume in the series: Ethics in Practice. Editor(s): Robert A. Giacalone, Texas State University. Carole L. Jurkiewicz, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

Published 2022

Educating in Ethics for the Professions: A Compendium of Research, Theory, Practice, and an Agenda for the Future offers a state-of-the-art discussion on the part of applied (“professional”) ethics educators who describe the teaching of ethics for their professions and who collectively represent a wide-ranging array of professions.

The volume begins with an overview of the topics, contested ideas, and challenges confronting applied ethics educators, across the generations, providing a foundation from which the concept of ethics education as an integral formation frames each contributor’s historical overview identifying how research, theory, and practice have evolved in each profession to this day. These discussions then turn to the topics, contested ideas, and challenges emerging in contemporary discourse. Each discussion culminates with suggestions regarding what ethics educators must consider for the future. The volume closes with a synthesis of the commonalities among and differences between the discussions representing diverse professional perspectives, yet framing this history as well as identifying an agenda for teaching applied ethics in the future.

Dedication. Acknowledgements. Foreword, Stuart C. Gilman. Prologue: Educating in Ethics across the Professions: The Present Reality and Desired Reality, Richard M. Jacobs. Introduction, Carole L. Jurkiewicz. SECTION I: EDUCATING IN ETHICS: PROFESSIONS WITH A FOCUS UPON THE PERSON SERVED. Teaching Legal Ethics, Judith A. McMorrow. Medical Ethics Education and the “Theory-Light” Approach, Greg Moorlock. Nursing Ethics Education: Enhancing Moral Agency for Individual and Social Good, Pamela J. Grace. SECTION II: EDUCATING IN ETHICS PROFESSIONS WITH A FOCUS UPON THE COMMUNITY/ENTITY SERVED. Teaching Ethics for the Engineering Profession: Theory, Practice, and Future Agenda, José-Félix Lozano. Urban Planning Ethics: Teaching a Practice of Hope, Jeffrey K. H. Chan. Teaching Business Ethics in the United States: Understanding How We Got to Where We Are, Ronald R. Sims. SECTION III: EDUCATING IN ETHICS: PROFESSIONS WITH A FOCUS UPON THE PRESERVING/SUSTAINING THE SOCIETY SERVED. Evolving Ethics Education in Public Administration: Past and Present, Jonathan P. West. Professional Military Ethics Education, David Whetham and Andrew Corbett. SECTION IV: EDUCATING IN ETHICS: RECONCEIVING PROFESSIONAL ETHICS EDUCATION. Teaching Applied Ethics Across the Professions: Educating the Spirit in Ethics, Richard M. Jacobs. The Core Values of the Service Professions and an Effective Curriculum to Help Students Internalize Them, Neil Hamilton. Epilogue: Educating in Ethics: Today’s Desired Reality and Agenda for the Future, Richard M. Jacobs. Biographies.