Educational Leadership and Reform

Edited by:
Wayne K. Hoy, The Ohio State University
Cecil Miskel, University of Michigan

A volume in the series: Research and Theory in Educational Administration. Editor(s): Arnold B. Danzig, San José State University. William R. Black, University of South Florida.

Published 2006

This book is the fourth in a series on research and theory dedicated to advancing our understanding of schools through empirical study and theoretical analysis. Scholars, both young and established, are invited to publish original analyses, but we especially encourage young scholars to contribute to this series. The current volume is similar to its predecessors in that it provides a mix of beginning and established scholars and a broad range of theoretical perspectives; in all, 27 authors contributed to 13 separate analyses, which were selected for publication this year. The chapters also provide a mix of methodologies including experimental, survey, case studies, selfanalysis, multilevel modeling, and structural equation modeling.

Preface, Wayne K. Hoy and Cecil G. Miskel. Examining School Achievement Over Time: A Multilevel, Multiple-Group Approach, Ronald H. Heck. Instructional Leadership: Its Nature, Meaning, and Influence, Jana M. Alig-Mielcarek and Wayne K. Hoy. Assessing Leadership Effects on Student Learning: Selected Challenges for Research and Program Evaluation, Kenneth Leithwood and Ben Levin. School Leadership in the 21st Century: Broadening the Base, Carolyn M. Shields. Leadership as a Master Class: Joining Role and Task in the Practice of Educational Administration, Jacqueline Cossentino. Distributed Leadership: Leadership Practice and the Situation, James P. Spillane, Jennifer Z. Sherer, and Amy F. Coldren. Talking Leadership: Conversation Analysis and Distributed Leadership, R. Keith Sawyer, Jay Paredes Scribner, Sheldon T. Watson, and Vicki L. Myers. Systemic Reform Up Close (and in the Trenches): A Multiyear Case Study of an Outlier School, Juanita Garcia and Robert Donmoyer. Legitmating Privatization: The Politics of Sylvan Support Centers in the Baltimore Public School System, Betty Malen, Rebecca McAndrew, and Donna Muncey. Toward a Human Capital Development Strategy: Uncovering the Approaches Used by a High School Principal to Support Teacher Learning, Shelby Cosner. The Complexity of Gender-Role Stereotyping Effects in High School Principal Selection. Diana G. Pounder, Deborah King, Charles Hausman, and W. Bryan Bowles. Some Current Threats to Humanistic Pupil Control, Roger C. Shouse. Measuring Organizational Citizenship of Schools: The OCB Scale, Michael F. DiPaola, C. John Tarter, and Wayne K. Hoy. About the Contributors.