Effective Teaching

Educators Perspective of Meaning Making in Higher Education

Edited by:
Shelley B. Harris, Texas A&M University

Published 2018

What is effective teaching and what pedagogical models are being used in teacher education and evaluation? The purpose of this book is for current educators to share their effective practices in higher education—the program demographics, the vision, the preparation, the process, and the outcome.

This book is a peer-reviewed, edited volume of essays written by current university professors that critically examines the phenomenon of best practices in teacher education, evaluation and education more broadly.

Foreword, Bradley Conrad. Effective Teaching: An Introduction, Shelley B. Harris. Weaving a Tapestry of Multigenerational Effective Teaching Practice, Richard L. Biffle III. Teaching With an Open Mind: Learning Without Shame, Edith Esparza-Young, Ezequiel Esparza, and Matilde A. Sarmiento-Arribalzaga. Creating and Cultivating Spaces in Teacher Education for Voice, C. Steven Page. Illuminating Best Practice for Early Childhood Teacher Educators, Vivien Geneser. Reconceptualization of Field Experiences to Construct a Rich Understanding of Self-Efficacy and Effective Pedagogy, Peggy S. Lisenbee. Connecting Theory to Practice: Using Videos as a Reflective Tool for Teacher Candidates, Judy Trotti. The Practicum of Literacy Teaching: Coaching From Within the Experience, Jenny C. Wilson and Sarah Saatzer. The Doctoral Pandemic: How and Why Doctoral Programs Need to be Purged, Donna Adair Breault and David Callejo Pérez. Expecting the Unexpected: Improvisational Theater as a Pedagogical Tool, Meredith A. Rausch, Andrew T. Kemp, and Jerod Gay. Storytelling for Ultimate Engagement, Larry Garcia. Fostering Preservice Teachers’ Transition to Professionals in a Culturally Responsive Field-Based Experience, Rubén Garza. Mistaking Malice: Rethinking the Challenge of Teaching White Students About Race at a Predominantly White Institution, Joseph Flynn and Cornelius Gilbert. Epilogue—Teaching Holistically to Create Meaning in a Diverse World: A Conclusion, Shelley B. Harris. About the Authors.