Emerging Practices in International Development Evaluation

Edited by:
Stewart I. Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University
Tarek Azzam, Claremont Graduate Univeristy
Ross F. Conner, University of California Irvine

A volume in the series: Evaluation and Society. Editor(s): Stewart I. Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University. Katrina L. Bledsoe, Education Development Center.

Published 2013

The impetus for this volume comes from reflecting on many years of experience, successes and failures in development evaluation in Asia and Africa, and from recent work supported by the Rockefeller Foundation on Rethinking, Reshaping, and Reforming Evaluation. The concepts, frameworks and ideas presented in this volume are a useful contribution to the ongoing efforts at rethinking, reforming and reshaping international development evaluation. They come from leading thinkers and practitioners in development, evaluation, research and academia who have recognized that development evaluation must evolve if it is to respond to the challenges of the 21st Century and play a meaningful role in social and economic transformation. This volume will be of great interest to evaluation scholars, practitioners, and students, particularly to those interested in international development projects, programs, and policies. This book will be appropriate for a wide range of courses, included Introduction to Evaluation, International Development Evaluation, Program Evaluation, Policy Evaluation, and evaluation courses in International Development, International Relations, Public Policy, Public Health, Human Services, Sociology, and Psychology.

Preface. Searching for Approaches to Improve International Development Evaluations, Stewart I. Donaldson, Tarek Azzam, and Ross F. Conner. Evaluation in Developing Countries: What Makes it Different? Shiva Kumar and Zenda Ofir. Organizational Performance Assessment, Charles Lusthaus and Katrina Rojas. Evaluating Capacity Development, Peter Morgan. Evaluating Policy Influence, Fred Carden and Colleen Duggan. Evaluating Networks and Partnerships, Heather Creech. Evaluating Coalitions, Jared Raynor. Evaluating Sustainable Development, Steve Bass and Alastair Bradstock. Evaluating Innovation, Steve Rochlin and Sasha Radovich. Future Directions for Improving International Development Evaluations, Stewart I. Donaldson, Tarek Azzam, and Ross F. Conner. About the Contributors.

"As part of the series “Evaluation and Society,” this edited volume brings together thirteen contributors with extensive experience to share perspectives on international development evaluation. The Rockefeller Foundation provided a grant to Claremont Graduate University to convene this group of leaders in global evaluation, who were then asked to share their papers describing best practices, approaches and principles guiding evaluation work in seven outcome areas. The publication is “intended to enhance learning in development and philanthropy by advancing concepts that can guide practitioners and support understanding in international development evaluation”(p. 2)." Linda A. Pursley Lesley University in Education Review (Read full review)