Encyclopedia of Peace Education

Edited by:
Monisha Bajaj, Teachers College, Columbia University

A volume in the series: Peace Education. Editor(s): Laura L. Finley, Barry University.

Published 2008

The rise of peace education both in scholarship and in practice has yielded numerous documents, websites, and publications with often divergent perspectives on what the field is, does, and means. The Encyclopedia of Peace Education provides a comprehensive overview of the scholarly developments in the field to date, so as to provide a common denominator for the various actors involved in advancing peace education internationally. Thus, this edited volume serves as an essential reference guide that traces the history and emergence of the field, highlights foundational concepts, contextualizes peace education practice across international and disciplinary borders, and suggests new directions for peace educators.

From core conceptual perspectives to the moral and spiritual foundations of the field to the role of the United Nations, the Encyclopedia grounds peace education in a solid theoretical and practical framework through the writings of the field’s most renowned scholars. This volume will target undergraduate and graduate students as well as scholars and practitioners working in international and non-governmental organizations in the field of peace education.

Introduction, Monisha Bajaj. Section I: The Historical Emergence of and Influences on Peace Education. History of Peace Education, Ian Harris. John Dewey and Peace Education, Charles Howlett. Maria Montessori and Peace Education, Cheryl Duckworth. Paulo Freire and Peace Education, Lesley Bartlett. Section II: Foundational Perspectives in Peace Education. Form and Content of Peace Education, Johan Galtung. Conceptual Perspectives in Peace Education, Magnus Haavelsrud. The Moral and Spiritual Foundations of Peace Education, Dale Snauwaert. The United Nations and Peace Education, James Page. Section III: Core Concepts in Peace Education. Caring and Peace Education, Nel Noddings. Countering Militarism Through Peace Education, Carl Mirra. Human Rights Education, Felisa Tibbitts. Global Citizenship Education, Lynn Davies. Section IV: Frameworks and New Directions for Peace Education. Comparative and International Education and Peace Education, Robin Burns. Futures Studies and Peace Education, David Hicks. "Critical" Peace Education, Monisha Bajaj. Unity-Based Peace Education, H. B. Danesh. About the Authors. Glossary. Index.