Enhancing Inter-Firm Networks & Interorganizational Strategies

Edited by:
Anthony F. Buono, Bentley University

A volume in the series: Research in Management Consulting. Editor(s): David Brian Szabla, Western Michigan University.

Published 2003

The focus of this volume is on the myriad dynamics associated with these interorganizational ventures. Emphasis is placed on (1) understanding the nature of these different interorganizational forms and (2) ways to enhance their effectiveness, creating and sustaining complex problem-solving capabilities and collaborative tendencies in a multiorganizational environment. While the orientation of many of the initiatives and interventions in this volume reflects a traditional organization-development (OD) focus, emphasis is placed on working across organizational interfaces, attempting to create the capacity and systemic potential for greater interorganizational learning and performance, rather than releasing human potential solely within an organization (see, e.g., Cummings, 1984). Consultants and researchers in this realm thus focus on spanning organizations, creating and modifying networks of participants that (1) have a stake in particular interorganizational outcomes and (2) depend on those inter-firm relationships and networks to accomplish their goals.

Introduction, Anthony F. Buono. Part I: Intervening in Mergers and Acquisitions. Making Mergers and Acquisitions Work: A Guide to Consulting Interventions, Mitchell Lee Marks. Teaching to the Issue: Human Resource Intervention in Mergers and Acquisitions, Vicki Van Steenberg LaFarge, Aaron J. Nurick, Ellen Leiter and Anthony F. Buono. Forging a Post-Merger Identity: Tough Work in the Executive Suite, James Fairfield-Sonn. What "Due Diligence" Really Means: Intangible Capital and Organizational Reality, Judith Gebhardt. Part II: Developing Strategic Alliances and Partnerships. Knowledge Transfer and Organizational Learning in Strategic Alliances, Daniele Chauvel, Nicolas Rolland and Charles Despres. Complex Learning Partnerships: Creating the Connections in International Alliances, Iris Berdrow. Dynamic Competition and Development of New Competencies: The Case of the Internet Consulting Industry, Valerie Claude-Gaudillat and Bertrand V. Quelin. Part III: Enhancing Inter-firm Networks. Reflexive Development of Inter-firm Networks: The Role of Managers and Consultants, Joerg Sydow and Arnold Windeler. Building Effective Innovation Networks: Enhancing Cooperation in Public-Private Partnerships, Eric Davoine. Corporate Venturing: Is an Acquisitive Strategy a Sustainable Pattern of R&D Externalization? Michel Ferrary. Creating a Collaborative Community of Management Consultants, Janice Twombly and Jeffrey Shuman. Building Sustainable Networks: An Action Research Strategy for Management Consultants, Marilyn Harris and Guilan Wang.